If you were to look at Gigi right now, you would never guess that he has had an extraordinarily difficult existence up until very recently.

Gigi was suffering from tick bite fever, terrible mange, and a fractured pelvis when she was handed over to Sidewalk Specials on a purse strap instead of a chain.

His previous owners disregarded him because they decided they did not want him any longer and continued to ignore him. They failed to provide him with the necessary medical treatment or care, despite the fact that he was injured and in pain. He was essentially just waiting to pass away there in pain where he was seated.

He was fortunate enough to find himself in kind hands, and he at long last received the medical care he required as well as the affection he deserved.

Sidewalk Specials wasted no time in taking him to their in-house veterinarian in Cape Town, which is located in South Africa, as soon as he was in their care.

Even though he was finally given the appropriate care and was nursed back to health, the people who rescued Gigi worried that no one would ever want to adopt him in the future.

They were, thankfully, completely mistaken. Since then, Gigi has been adopted by a doting family who couldn’t be happier with their decision.

It seems as if Gigi has transformed into a whole new dog. He was cured of the fever caused by tick bites, his damaged pelvis is now healed, his mange was treated, and his lovely fur came back. All of these things contributed to his being well again.

Gigi’s brand-new existence includes a spacious yard in which he can play and run about, a cozy bed in which he can rest, toys with which he can have fun, and people who will adore him without conditions. Additionally, he just acquired a brand-new canine sister with whom he gets along famously.

By Anna

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