This Golden Retriever used to pay his sweetheart, who lived on the other side of the fence, daily visits. Even though they were physically separated by the property barrier, there is little doubt that they would still visit one another and play.

As time went on, Pax and Penny became more and more inseparable, and their shared interest prompted a significant increase in the number of playdates. The owners soon realized that there was no longer any way to keep them apart…

One day, Mother decided to take both of the dogs out on their first “true date,” so she opened the gate to the yard so that they could run about together. And it was all that they could possibly have ever dreamed it would be. It’s very great for both sets of parents to be able to watch Pax and Penny doing things like this in each other’s yards and homes now that they do it on a regular basis. How adorable!

By Elen

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