In July of 2022, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez took their relationship to the next level by officially tying the wedding. The singer disclosed in a post on her blog that she had adopted Ben’s surname, but the readers of the site were confused as to why Ben hadn’t adopted hers instead.

Jennifer Lopez has been associated to a number of well-known guys during the course of her career as a celebrity. There are rumors that she has been married four times and been engaged twice, but nothing of those engagements resulted in a marriage.

Nearly twenty years ago, she was once engaged to Ben Affleck, who was one of the persons she formerly dated. Despite this, destiny reconnected the two celebrities during the epidemic, and in July of 2022, they were able to consummate their relationship.

Jennifer revealed a number of intimate photos from her wedding to Ben in a recent issue of her newsletter, OntheJLo. A picture of her was taken in black and white, and it showed her smiling and flashing the peace sign as she was clothed in her wedding gown and being hugged from behind by her husband.

She also posted images of herself and the actor side-by-side, including one in which the two of them are posing in a pink Cadillac that had belonged to the late Elvis Presley. The actress and singer wrote the following in her diary:

“We did it. Love is a stunning emotion. Love is nice. It also turns out that love may be patient. Twenty years’ worth of restraint”

Jennifer informed me that they had successfully obtained their marriage license in Las Vegas, along with four other couples. Following that, she and Ben made their way to The Little White Wedding chapel in time for midnight, where they had witnesses present to see them exchange vows and become husband and wife.

The bride donned a dress that had been worn in an old movie, while the groom wore a blazer that he had in his wardrobe and looked quite smart. The pair exchanged their wedding rings and recited their vows to each other before continuing with the following:

“When love is genuine, the only thing that counts in marriage is the commitment we make to love, care, understand, be patient, kind, and nice to one another. This is the only thing that matters when we are married.””

She went on to say, “We already had it. And a whole deal more. The most incredible night of our life.” The celebrity expressed her thanks to her spouse for providing her with an abundant supply of affection, a new family consisting of five children, and a life that they both looked forward to living. Jennifer summed up her thoughts on love by calling it a “wonderful thing” before ending her article.

She had the notion that it might be “the finest of everything” and that it was “worth waiting for.” The actress who appeared in “Hustler” concluded her letter by signing it, “With love, Jennifer Lynn Affleck.” She then went on to reveal her new surname.


It’s possible that some of the singer’s admirers believed she was only adopting Ben’s surname for show, but official documentation proved that the name change was in fact legal. The documents kept by the Clark County Clerk’s Office indicate that Jennifer Affleck officially changed her last name on July 16, 2022.

A video from 2003, when the couple was just becoming engaged, revealed the substantial difference for the first time. During an interview with Dateline, the artist was seen cooking breakfast when she was asked what she’d want to be known as after being married to Ben, and the diva said, “I’d like to be known as Mrs. Ben.”

“Jennifer Lopez, but clearly my name will be Jennifer Affleck,” she said. “Jennifer Affleck.”

The remainder of the video highlighted all of the tender events that occurred between the pair throughout their early dating years. The two were so in love that they kissed in public, gave each other public hugs and kisses, and even gave each other public bear hugs at occasions!

Some of Jennifer’s devoted followers were mystified by her decision to adopt Ben’s surname as her own. In response to the document filed with the county records, one of the singer’s fans on Twitter believed it was illogical for her to change her surname and said the following:

“Jennifer Affleck? You can do it! That was not required in any way. It’s not like they plan to have a family anytime soon. Additionally, there is already a woman named Jennifer Affleck.”

According to an ardent supporter, the band did not contact Ben Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Affleck. Someone other thought that the wealthy Jennifer was going to adopt the actor from “Argo” as her last name so that she could steal his money, and a fourth person commented to the previous one by pointing out the difference in net worth between the two stars.

The supporter demonstrated via screenshots how Jennifer’s net worth was $400 million but that of her husband was just $150 million. The supporter then said, “Then he ought to be Ben Lopez….” Another observer was taken aback by the decision of the pair to be married, and they pondered how long their happiness would continue.

One of Jennifer’s fans expressed their shock that the celebrity had changed her surname, as they believed that she cherished the way that her previous one sounded. The supporter said that they had viewed the tape from 2003 and believed that she would have been happy with Jennifer Lopez Affleck.

However, not all of the remarks about the married couple and their decision to alter their surnames were critical. One observer said that they had the impression that Ben and Jennifer were “healthier and happier together” before going on to express how pleased they were for the pair and wish them “all the best.”

Another supporter of the couple expressed their opinion that the two celebrities were “ideal” for one other and wished them nothing but the best for their future together. Someone once stated that an ideal marriage consisted of two individuals who were far from perfect but who refused to give up on each other.

Ojani Noa, an aspiring actor who was Jennifer’s first spouse and worked as a server in the late 1990s at a restaurant in Miami, was her first partner in marriage. After just 11 months of marriage, the couple finalized their separation in January 1998.

Her second husband was the dancer and choreographer Cris Judd, whom she wed in 2001 and remained with for nine months until divorcing in 2002. During their time together, they were married. They were acquainted with one another when Judd was directing Jennifer’s music video for the song “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.”

Marc Anthony was the musician’s most recent and longest-lasting spouse. The couple was together for seven years until they divorced in 2011. During the course of their marriage, they became parents to two little ones named Maximilian and Emme.

In 2019, while speaking to Harper’s Bazaar about her dating past, Jennifer said that she’d had both successful and unsuccessful relationships. She acknowledged that she was still working on finding out who she was and said that this was the only person she could blame for the failure of the relationships.

“Until you learn how to love yourself, you will never be able to love [someone else] in a manner that is truly authentic and genuine,”

However, it seems that a great deal of progress has been made since she made those statements. Jennifer has given the impression that she is taking each day as it comes and is now floating on cloud nine ever since she and Ben decided to restart their relationship.

The singer-songwriter posted a video of herself performing the song “Monday Mood” on her Instagram account the day after the wedding she had with the actor. The video footage showing Ben’s wife dancing among male dancers at a performance gave the impression that she was in an upbeat and happy mood.

The starlet gave it her all while dancing with her backup dancers, and then she broke off into a solo dance with one of them. At the conclusion of the music video, she joined the other dancers again to do some more energetic routines.

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