In the early 1980s, Alfonso Ribeiro came to the forefront of public attention. However, he is most known for his role as Will Smith’s upscale and politically moderate cousin, Carlton Banks, in the popular 1990s comedy “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

His trademark dancing skills helped him become even more well-known among viewers, which ultimately led to his being placed in the top slot on “Dancing with the Stars.” Despite the fact that his fame was on the rise, there were still some individuals who were unaware of who he was, including his future wife Angela Unkrich.

Ribeiro revealed to Angela that he was a director at their very first encounter together; nonetheless, Angela was adamant about not dating someone connected to the entertainment business. The actor’s efforts to pursue her were unsuccessful since he was unable to get Angela to go on a first date with him under any circumstances. She said to Yahoo News that

“I referred to him as my stalker,” I said.

Ribeiro did not give up lightly and claimed to have made his first, second, and third moves respectively. After much persuasion on his part, Angela finally gave in and said yes to going out on a date with him.

The catch is this, though. Angela arranged a reservation at the restaurant with the intention of cutting the date short so that she could escape and return to watching the episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” that was airing that evening. Nevertheless, as the night went on, she became aware that she did not want to end the date.

They went to bed with quite different impressions of one another than when they had started the evening. They made the courageous decision to take a risk on love, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Their first date resulted in a breathtaking proposal on a boat in Lake Tahoe, which was seen by all of their closest friends as well as Ribeiro’s daughter Sienna, whom he had with his previous wife, Robin Stapler. The actor posted the stunning photograph along with the following description on his Facebook page:

“One of the most memorable days of my life.”

After a period of three months together, the couple finally tied the knot. The actor from “One on One” tweeted his excitement at the possibility of a new phase in his life:

“Just a few hours ago, I tied the knot with the most amazing lady in the whole world.”

Angela turned out to be Ribeiro’s perfect match, and since then, his life hasn’t been the same. Following the stunning celebration of their union in October 2012, they became parents to a boy named Alfonso Jr., a girl named Ava, and a son named Anders. Additionally, they are both involved in raising Sienna.

The actor’s appreciation for his wife has grown over the years, and he now describes her as his “best friend” as well as his “best wife.” Because of the way she cares for and is patient with their children, he adores and respects her.

Marriage and parenting have proven to be wonderful experiences for the actor from “In the House.” However, apart from the enjoyable aspects of the trip, it has educated him on the need of setting priorities. He said that he tries all in his power to make sure that his family is able to accompany him on all of his journeys. He says:

“In my opinion, this is of the utmost significance. Our first priority is our family. We put each other ahead of anything else.”

He believes that taking his family to new areas and exposing them to new people is a wonderful approach to teaching them about the world. Although reading books is a great way to gain knowledge, nothing beats the impact of gaining that knowledge firsthand.

The host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” decided to acquire an RV for his family in order to make traveling more convenient during the epidemic caused by the Coronavirus. He believes that this was the ideal choice because, even if the rest of the world was forced to stay inside their houses, he was able to continue traveling with his family while still retaining a sense of being at home.

It is clear that Ribeiro and Angela do not take their relationship for granted, as seen by the many postings on social media in which they express their gratitude and appreciation for one another. They are aware that theirs is a marriage made in heaven.

During the couple’s second wedding anniversary, Ribeiro sent a heartfelt tribute to his wife that brought her to tears by saying: “I’m very blessed to have you. You are the most amazing combination of a wife, a mother, and a friend. I adore you so much.”

Then, on the occasion of their third wedding anniversary, Angela paid homage to her devoted husband by describing him as both her love and her closest friend. She said how happy and proud she was of their family, as well as how much of a pleasure and blessing it was for her to be his wife, and she added:

“Having you in my life is without a doubt the most incredible blessing.”

Even though the actor takes his whole family with him on all of his journeys, the presence of his loved ones is not restricted to only those occasions. The actor also reveals that he makes sure his children are there on date nights with his partner since he considers them to be “really the focus of [his] life.”

Ribeiro and Angela choose to spend their date nights at home with their children because they believe that the children help to keep the spark of romance alive in their relationship. This is in contrast to the majority of couples, who would rather leave their children at home and have some time to themselves. They have developed a wonderful bond with their children as a direct result of these behaviors.

Not only has Angela forged an unbreakable link with her husband, but she has also forged an unbreakable bond with Ribeiro’s daughter Sienna. Sienna, who had graduated from high school in 2021, was a fantastic lady, according to what she said about Sienna, she was gorgeous, clever, brilliant, and intuitive.

Angela wished her stepdaughter, who is an aspiring actress, a happy 19th birthday and also encouraged her to continue being authentic to who she is and to pursue her ambitions. “On the occasion of your 19th birthday, I am sending you a lot of love. Love you!!” It was her last point.

Ribeiro is a proud parent, and he thinks his daughter is beautiful, intellectual, and passionate. He also thinks she is driven. He is particularly pleased that she has shown an interest in following in his footsteps as an actor and is now “working and auditioning.”

The actor best known for his role in “Things We Do For Love” has made raising his family a top focus throughout his life. He chooses to raise his children in a manner that is distinct from traditional schooling and instructs them through the lens of their own life experiences.

As was indicated before, journeying has played a significant role in the progression of their education. The family has been to a number of national parks, including Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Mesa Verde National Park, and the Grand Canyon, and they have high hopes of doing even more adventures in the years to come.

As a result of their trip, they have become closer as a family, and Ribeiro has developed into a more involved and involved father. “The possibility that I may have more time to spend with my family, particularly with the children. It fills me with an even greater sense of pride in what my wife and I are able to do together as a family.” He says.

Ribeiro looks to be very purposeful about his family, but he still manages to maintain a career in the entertainment business. This is in contrast to the majority of Hollywood stars, who struggle to find a balance between their jobs and their personal lives.

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