Ivana Trump was an outstanding woman who made a lasting imprint on everyone she met; as a result, many people were left heartbroken when she passed away on July 14, 2022, in the house that she had lived in for the previous 28 years. Not only her family, but also her friends and fans from all over the world, lamented her passing after she passed away.

Following her loss, her eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., was the final person to post a tribute to his mother on Instagram. The post was published a couple of days after her dying. Donald Trump Jr. was the latest of her children to bring up her passing, despite the fact that numerous tributes have been paid to Ivana in the time since her passing away.

The young man uploaded several touching pictures of his mum taken during her life to Instagram and shared them with his followers. Along with the photo series, Donald also included a touching note in which he said goodbye to his cherished mother. The message accompanied the photo series.

In the article, Donald noted that his mother had always encouraged her children to be the best that they could be and that she was a disciplinarian because she didn’t let them get away with anything. He also said that his mother had always been quite strict with her children. In addition to that, he mentioned that she had a wonderful sense of humor.

After that, he went on to add that he loved his mother very much and that the reason he turned out the way he did was because of the way that his mother had brought him up. The message was welcomed with a lot of supportive comments from friends and followers alike.

During the time that fans were sending their love and condolences to Donald, individuals who had a closer relationship with Ivana shared their own memories of the legend. Among them was Kimberly Guilfoyle, who said:

“Unmatched excellence on a global scale. I pray that God may bless your mother.”

Ivana’s body was discovered in her house, where she had passed away at the age of 73. Ivana was found by a worker of hers who entered the home through the front entrance and found her sitting on a staircase in her ornate townhouse, which she had cherished for a number of years. Ivana was discovered to be unresponsive by the staff member.

Following the completion of the customary procedures, the news of Ivana’s passing quickly spread throughout the world. This was after all of the pertinent authorities had been notified of her passing. The news that an iconic figure had passed away left a great number of people in disbelief.

Ivana’s ex-husband, former President of the United States Donald Trump, later issued a statement about her passing, in which he referred to her as an excellent woman who had led an amazing life and took great pride in her three children. He also mentioned that Ivana had been a great mother.

Eric, Ivana’s son, was seen standing outside of her townhouse not long after she passed away. Together with his wife, Lara, he was present during the incident. When Eric emerged from the townhouse again, he addressed the photographers waiting outside and told them it was “a very sad day.”

While everyone who was there was saddened by her passing, people all over the world who learned about it through the media were just as distraught. Tributes began pouring in from all points of the globe via social media shortly after her passing.


It is easy to see why Ivana’s family was so shaken up by the news of the passing of their matriarch, but they were not the only ones who mourned the loss of Ivana. People who were close to her, including friends, fans, and neighbors, expressed their sorrow and provided some facts about her final days.

Zach Erdem was one of the persons who experienced the loss of Ivana more acutely than the majority of other people. Erdem had been working as a busboy at a busy restaurant when he first met Ivana; but, by the time Ivana had passed away, Erdem had established himself as a successful person. He is the proprietor of what is widely considered to be The Hamptons’ most hip eatery.

Even while Erdem is used to seeing famous people come and go from his restaurant, 75 on Main, there is one star in particular who will always hold a particularly warm place in his heart, and that is Ivanka. In 2003, the two people became friends with one another. Nevertheless, 2010 was the year that marked the beginning of their actual friendship.

Ivana was one of Erdem’s first customers at 75 on Main in 2010 when he first opened his restaurant. When she entered, she informed him that she had been told that he owned the establishment, and she then invited him to sit down with her. The two individuals conversed for a period of time, then traded phone numbers and remained in regular contact over the years.

Erdem expressed that he will miss having Ivana as a part of his life because she had witnessed his growth over the years and had nothing but good wishes for him to achieve even greater levels of achievement. He went on to talk about the impact that Ivana had not just on his life but also on the lives of many other people.

The proprietor of the restaurant praised Ivana, not only for her abilities as a mother and businesswoman, but also for how selflessly she gave of herself, expressing the following:

“She was quite active in promoting various charitable causes and causes in general. She was like an angel. She would be there for whoever required assistance. She was willing to assist everyone who required it, regardless of their politics, religion, or anything else they may have believed in.”

The passing of Ivana was described as “the end of an era” by a neighbor, who was another person who paid respect to Ivana after her passing. The neighbor, Judith Ann Abrams, a Broadway producer, remarked that Ivana was always very polite and friendly, and that she will be missed as a neighbor. Judith Ann Abrams added that Ivana would be missed.

Ivana had a profound effect on her community, her friends, and her fans; in fact, Erdem told the press that “she was like an angel” and that he would miss her terribly, despite the fact that he had high hopes of seeing her again in the near future.

Although some people were taken aback by Ivana’s passing, it was not a secret that she was struggling withher health before she passed away. Erdem stated that he was aware that she had certain health problems but that she preferred not to talk about them very much.

He indicated that in order to avoid Ivana’s aversion to discussing her health, he would make an effort to speak to her solely on the positive aspects of her life. When they spoke on the phone together, he would frequently steer the conversation away from her health and instead tell her that he loved and missed her.

Before she passed suddenly, Ivana intended to spend the summer traveling through Europe and spending time in The Hamptons. Erdem, on the other hand, disclosed that she had shared with him the possibility that she would not be able to visit The Hamptons and that she would not be traveling to Europe.

Erdem continued by saying that she had called him to let him know that she was planning on travelling to The Hamptons in order to surprise him, but that she would not be able to do so until she felt better.

Unfortunately for Erdem, Ivana did not get the chance to pay him a visit before she passed away before they could have their planned get-together. He was looking forward to seeing her. He admitted that he had a poor response to her passing and disclosed that he was taken aback when he heard the news. He disclosed that:

I was drinking coffee when I accidentally spilled it on my shirt, which prompted me to start crying.


Erdem is of the opinion that Ivana may have been spared if the events leading up to her passing had taken a slightly different turn, and now that the initial shock of the news of her passing has worn off, friends and neighbors are revealing additional information regarding her passing.

He stated that she could have been saved if someone had been there when she fell or if someone had arrived to work sooner, and that the world would not have had to grieve the loss of an icon as it is currently doing. Erdem stated that Ivana’s assistant had arrived too late to save her, but if she had walked in sooner, there is a possibility that Ivana would still be alive today.

The reason for Ivana’s passing was determined the day after she passed away, on the following day. According to the reports that were published in the media, she experienced a tumble down some stairs, which resulted in her sustaining blunt force injuries to her torso, which finally led to her passing. The autopsy was finished on the following Friday, which was two days after she had passed away.

The memorial service for Ivana is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, in the upper east area, which is where she resided during the later years of her life. It is known that her three children will be present at the funeral; however, it is unknown whether or not her ex-husband, Donald Trump, will also be present.

It is abundantly evident that Ivana has left a long-lasting legacy on all of those who knew and loved her, as evidenced by the numerous tributes and accounts that her friends, fans, family members, and neighbors have shared about her since her passing. Rest in peace, Ivana.

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