The vast majority of moms love their children without conditions, and for their sake, they are willing to sacrifice everything. The unconditional love of a mother was shown through the unconditional affection of one dog.

The fact that the wounded stray Greyhound was a mother was quickly recognized by the people who discovered her staggering about after suffering a broken leg was the reason why she was battling so hard to stay alive.

The mother dog, who we will refer to as Vera, was in a terrible state. She had a fractured leg, but in addition to that, she was famished and had lost a lot of weight.

Ellen Sobry’s friend Lianne saw a Spanish lady named Vera scavenging for food close to a market. When Lianne first met Vera, Vera was nursing her child. Vera was one of the people Ellen Sobry helped. Instantaneously, she understood that Vera must have had puppies hidden away somewhere.

After providing medical attention to Vera’s injured leg, the group went back to the location where they had found her in the hope that she would lead them to her young.

When Vera began to move, they followed closely after her as soon as possible. After feet had been measured in yards, the next unit of measurement was miles. Approximately two kilometers later, Vera led them to an abandoned home that was located close to a car that had broken down.

As they took a peek inside the vehicle, they saw Vera’s litter of ten adorable pups. Vera and her young were transported back to Dr. Sobry’s veterinary facility, where they will recuperate together as a group before being made available for adoption after they have reached their full health potential.

It was a miracle that Sobry and Lianne were able to rescue Vera, but it never would have happened if it weren’t for her unshakable commitment to the pups and her undying love for them.

By Elen

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