Over the course of six years, Stevie was consistently passed over for roles, and no one was ever able to adequately explain why.

According to Elanza Kloppers, who works as the adoptions manager at Dogtown SA, “[It] was continually a secret to us.” “Stevie was able to please a large number of prospective homes; but, for some unknown reason, another dog was always selected. Over the years, several of his roommates found homes with new families, and we never stopped hope that Stevie would also find a family of his own. Being a black dog was another factor that worked against him, since it is common practice for shelters to overlook animals of this color.

In spite of the length of the search, Stevie and the people who helped him never gave up faith that he would find the ideal family for him, and they were right.

“When I finally received the news from the adopter that Stevie was the one, I could not wait to convey the knowledge to the team,” Kloppers said. “When I finally got the news from the adopter that Stevie was the one…” They couldn’t hide their ecstasy! In the end, things worked out for our little child. We have all been keeping our fingers crossed and saying prayers for such a long time! I also ensure that our volunteers are able to identify immediately, and I ensure that they are unable to ponder about the information. Everyone was overjoyed with Stevie’s success. It was a breathtaking sight to see.”

In the end, someone decided that Stevie would be the perfect dog for them, and the crew moved rapidly to begin making preparations to finally deliver him to the house where he would live permanently. Because he had been a regular visitor to the sanctuary for such a significant amount of time, everyone of the employees had grown to regard Stevie as if he were their own pet. They truly meant to do something special to remember his time there and celebrate the next chapter in his life, so on the day of his departure, as he walked out to the vehicle, everyone at the sanctuary queued up to say their last hellos and goodbyes to their much cherished Stevie before he left.

” All our adoptions are unique, but some are absolutely beyond remarkable,” Kloppers said. “Over the years, there have been one or two adoptions that particularly stood out, and in order to properly say goodbye to such pets, we have always held a unique ceremony. Everyone on the crew wished him well and wanted to say their goodbyes to him.

It was clear that Stevie was becoming more and more pumped up as he made his way down the line of his applauding buddies. He looked to be aware that it was a momentous occasion, and he expressed extreme contentment at the fact that all of his close friends had come to bid him farewell. It was without a doubt Stevie’s most memorable day ever.

Kloppers said that Stevie waved his tail and bid a heartfelt farewell to each and every person in the room. “He has grown to adore our team so much, and I think he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw all of his favorite people gathered there, wishing him well and rooting for him to get well. The day was filled with a lot of feelings for everyone. Stevie rushed into the vehicle with his usual wiggle-bottomed excitement, as if he had finally realized that his time had arrived! He was wearing his favorite jacket, and he was surrounded by the people he enjoyed spending the most time with, so he hopped straight into the car with a smile on his face.

Stevie has finally made himself at home in the house that will be his everlasting home, and he is doing so well in it that he is flourishing. His new father names him Stevie Fantastic and clearly adores him, and it is very evident that Stevie presently enjoys him as much as his new father does. They do everything together and can’t wait for the many more experiences that are yet to come in the future. Stevie has, at long last, discovered his happily ever after, and the whole staff at Dogtown SA could not be more pleased for him. Although it may have taken some time, Stevie has finally met the woman of his dreams.

By Elen

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