The huge gentleman appearing in this short clip is a deaf Great Dane named Max. Although he’s deaf, he can read human facial expressions and body language so he rapidly picks up the clues of what his owners are saying.

In the footage of Max’s angry tantrum, he can be seen wrapping his jacket around his leg like a sock. The purpose of these jackets is often to cover a spot on the dog that the owner does not want to be scratched or nibbled on, such as a wound or sutures. As a consequence of this, Max is required to keep this jacket on his leg at all times, but it must be dry at all times. It might seem that Max is unconcerned, but his mother would not budge.

Max is the first one to start whimpering as he stands at the side of the pool. His mother advises him not to and explains to him why; she does not want his jacket to become wet. Although Max cannot hear, he seems to have a good understanding of his mother since he is able to read her lips and watch how she moves. He is intent on swimming despite the fact that he is aware that she does not want him in the water.

Max cautiously approaches the pool, extends his paw, and dips it into the water, most likely simply to check out the temperature. On the other side, his mother is continuously advising him not to do anything, which is why he doesn’t go any farther. On the other hand, he does not stop grumbling about things at all. In spite of the fact that he really wants to learn how to swim, he is a beautiful kid who understands that his mother has the most experience in this area. She wants him to be able to swim and have fun, but she is also aware that he needs to protect himself while he is in the water. Of course, she wants him to be able to swim.

Since Max was only required to wear the life jacket for a short period of time, he was free to resume swimming as soon as he removed it. He is a wonderfully smart dog that is well-behaved thanks to his good manners. In this video, he really wanted to go swimming, but since he loves his mother so much, he decided to listen to her instead and go fishing instead.

In recent years, Max and his Great Dane siblings have gained significant notoriety on various social media platforms. They share a lot of cute videos on Rumble and have their own social media site where they provide updates. One is just one of many special experiences that this family has decided to share with the rest of the world via the medium of video.

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