This 100-pound pit bull sprang out of the vehicle without any hesitation while the life-threatening shark attack was taking place, and immediately went into action to rescue his owner.

James White, a resident of Rohnert Park, California, was having a wonderful time spending the day fishing off the coast of Bodega Bay in Sonoma County when he felt a powerful pull on his line. He quickly realized that he had been attacked by a large fish. He had no idea what he had hooked, so he gently started to reel it in. He was confused.

After approximately ten minutes, White came to the conclusion that he had been successful in catching more than he had anticipated. A gill shark of 6 feet in length was swimming at him. As it approached closer, he made an attempt to dislodge the hook from the animal’s jaws. However, it managed to get away and once it did, it bit down on his ankle with its strong fangs and refused to let go.

According to NBC Cay Area, he was quoted as saying, “I think the only reason I was able to collect the line was because it was swimming towards me.”

The bite was severe, and it had punctured an artery in the victim. Immediately, he yelled for assistance from another fisherman, but they were too far away to assist him. White reported to NBC Bay Area that there was blood all over the place. “There was a great deal of tension in the air.”

When White’s pit bull, Darby, who had been waiting in the vehicle, heard his owner’s shouts, he immediately sprung into action to protect his master. He managed to open the door in some way and then raced to White. After that, he started chewing at the shark’s gills, but it only made the shark bite down on him even more forcefully.

The next thing that happened was that White had the presence of mind to warn Darby to back off. After doing so, Darby instantly switched strategies and proceeded to bite the shark on the tail in order to get it off of White’s leg. “Darby adjusted and got it by the tail,” White said in an interview with NBC Bay Area. As he climbed the slope with it, he ripped it off of my leg and continued on.

After the shark finally got grip of his leg, White was able to successfully toss it back into the water and receive care for his injury. According to White, if it weren’t for Darby’s fast thinking, the severity of his injuries may have been a lot worse.

We really hope you liked reading about this brave canine. On that particular day, Darby was presented with a risk that he had most likely never encountered before. Despite this, the fast thinking that he displayed helped save the life of his owner. Feel free to forward this information to your colleagues.

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