Meet Kalina, a German shepherd who is three years old and lives with her mom, Raven Atchison. Like other dogs, Kalina loves her mom and cuddles with her every day, just like other dogs do. She loves doing this so much that when her mom isn’t around, she might feel upset and stressed.

“Kalina, my three-year-old German Shepherd, tends to get anxious when I leave her alone. Atchison said, “It used to be a lot worse, but we’ve come a long way.

Atchison knows that her dog gets anxious when she is alone, so she stays with her as much as she can and takes her with her when she can. But there are times when she has to leave her at home for a while. So, she set up cameras so she could always check on her dog, even when she wasn’t at home.

Atchison told The Dodo, “I set up a security camera in the room where she usually hangs out while we’re gone so I can check on her and make sure she’s OK.” “And to find out if her environment is stressful when I’m not there.”

And recently, when Raven was looking at the cameras, she saw her dog dragging her clothes to the bed so they could cuddle. “I caught her carefully taking a piece of my clothing from the bedside table, putting it on the bed, and then cuddling up with it.”

Kalina found a cute way to deal with this problem and feel better while his mom was out while he was home alone.

Here’s a video of that moment:

After seeing the video, Atchison suddenly realized that, in the past, she’s found her clothes scattered across the house in weird spots and couldn’t ever remember how they got there. Now, she knew exactly why. “It definitely solved the mystery with a very cute answer,” she said.

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