You are so sweet that someone would love to own you and give you a loving home for life.

I hope the dog gets better and has a great life with his new owner!

After whatever terrible thing happened to this child, he was left at a nearby shelter.

And when a worker at the shelter went to open the door for the day, she was shocked by what she saw.

You’re such a pretty dog…! Your eye problem shouldn’t stop you from getting a permanent place to live.

When she got a better look, she was scared. A young puppy, who was maybe 7 weeks old, was still in his bed. As she got closer, he turned his head up, and she saw the damage. His eyes were swollen and he was lost. He was so thin when she picked him up.

You’ll find a home, sweetheart. You’ll be loved, and you’ll love the person who takes you home and cares for you. You’re a handsome dog with a lot to give. Sweetie, don’t forget that God blesses you.

Jesus should be your guide. No one on earth can hurt your soul. They can hurt your body and make you feel bad, but they can’t hurt your soul. In the name of Jesus, prayers are with you and all those who are hurting.

By Anna

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