Since the war began, Paulina, a young vet, has stayed behind to help take care of animals in need.

She keeps helping the good people who need her help. She turned her apartment into a makeshift animal hospital and has up to 70 animals living there at any given time.

So many animals are in trouble and need her help. She does emergency surgeries on people in her living room and gives the others a safe place to rest and wait for more help to arrive.

Paulina is in touch with a shelter in Poland that goes to Ukraine often to pick up some of the animals. When it is time for her to leave, they will help her find a place to stay in Poland.

You really are a Hero…! Who put themselves in danger to help the people who need her the most!

We feel so bad for all the people and their pets, who are like family members to them.

Thank you so much for helping these wonderful animals.

God loves and cares for each and every one of you, keeping you safe and healthy.

You’re a good person for taking care of these animals.

By Anna

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