As a result of the tremendous contributions that dogs have made to military troupes throughout history, many members of the armed forces are given dogs to work with them in combat zones. The contemporary military makes extensive use of canines for a wide variety of tasks, many of which are of the utmost significance. These tasks include training war dogs for battle and using them as scouts, sentries, and trackers.

Human troops are instructed to see these canines as equal partners, but to refrain from developing emotional attachments to them and to keep their interaction with the dogs completely professional. It goes without saying that this is far simpler to say than it is to accomplish. It is not unusual for human soldiers to form close bonds of kinship with their canine counterparts throughout their time in the military. And this just makes the time when the two of them have to say their goodbyes that much more difficult to go through.

The sergeant in the video that may be seen below has direct experience with how it feels. Because of his back problem, the guy was forced to resign from his position. But as they say, “nothing comes without a cost,” since his retirement would require him to part ways with his devoted buddy and partner Cila, a gorgeous chocolate Labrador with whom he had served side by side for many years. After returning to the United States, the guy had the impression that it would be the last time he ever got to spend time with Cila or even see her again. But then an incredible turn of events had place. Take a peek!

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