Jessica Williams couldn’t contain her excitement over finally getting a puppy in time for her birthday in November. Exuberant and giddy with joy! After moving into their new apartment that allowed pets, Jessica’s boyfriend Jared eventually caved and agreed to her request. The wait for Jessica would only be a few more months at most. However, she was unable to stop herself. Simply going online was all that was required of her to get a feel for what her future dog may be like.

That was the very first time that she had encountered him. She was immediately required to attend to her dog’s needs. The most pitiful little face that she had ever seen shattered her heart when she saw it.

Benji, a stray dog that was found in Los Angeles and sent to a huge, noisy city shelter, had a sad expression on his face when he first arrived there. He was a shy little guy who suffered from an allergy to fleas, and as a consequence, he had lost a significant amount of his hair.

According to statements made by Jessica to The Dodo, “He had been in the shelter for 10 days and wasn’t handling it well.” “As others passed by, he growled and snapped at them as they went past. I’d never seen a dog look so dejected before, and I knew that we couldn’t just give up on him.

They were aware that Benji need their assistance, so they made the decision to travel the approximately six hours by car from their apartment in Sacremento to Los Angeles.

The personnel at the shelter were shocked when the couple got there and told them that they wanted to adopt Benji. They were fully aware that the dog would demand a significant investment of time and effort in terms of both training and care. The employees went as far as attempting to dissuade Jessica and Jared from adopting Benji, but they were unsuccessful.

Jessica elucidated, “The shelter also warned us that he wasn’t friendly, and they refused to take us into a quiet waiting room to get to know him because they said he ‘wouldn’t be a dog that would come over to be cuddly.'” Although we were aware that euthanasia was a viable option for him, we chose not to have it done since we did not want for him to pass away.

When the couple finally got to meet Benji, their concerns were shown to be correct. Benji would become a member of their intimate family via the process of adoption. After a lengthy journey, they signed the forms and then went back to their house.

During the time that they were riding in the car, Benji was anxious, but Jessica and Jared were aware that this reaction was perfectly normal. However, after they got back to their house, Benji started behaving in the manner that the employees at the shelter had anticipated he would. He gave the impression of being disinterested in his new paw-rents and was cold toward them.

Then, though, after a few days had passed, an unusual event had place.

Benji understood that he was no longer in any immediate danger. The canine with the most pitiful expression, the puppy that no one wanted, started to have some fun. He stopped seeing life as a game and started living it instead!

Jessica said that he enjoys coming up to kiss their faces and playing with his toys all the time. “He is becoming such a knucklehead these days!” After a bath, he gets intense zoomies. Additionally, he will start to bark as soon as we get in the vehicle, as if to say, “We have to get going!” ‘Let’s go!’

Benji has only been with us for a month and a half, but he has already become an indispensable member of the family. He likes trying new things, especially when he can do it with Jessica and Jared at his side.

The tale of Benji serves as a timely reminder that ALL dogs in shelters, regardless of how they seem, are deserving of a chance. When they emerge from the horrific environment of the refuge, a million different scenarios are possible. Since I was provided with a true opportunity to join a genuine family…

By Elen

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