Kratos, a Kangal Shepherd who is 8 years old, was found in a derelict landfill in Corum, Turkey, in a substantially malnourished condition. The dump had been there for some time.

The dog that had been abandoned was not only undernourished and dehydrated, but he had also lost all of his hair as a result of the many open wounds that covered his body. These wounds were gushing with pus.

On a frigid day, volunteers from the organization “Rescuers Without Borders” found Kratos lying unconscious in the middle of a muddy pit spread across the hazardous dump. They have been devastated to gaze out out the defeated at the dog’s face, who evidently believes he had a loving family before he wound up in the godforsaken garbage. They have been heartbroken to look out out out the defeated at the dog’s face. Unfortuitously, the tale of Kratos’s experiences is not an exception in Turkey. Over the course of the last several months, activists for animals have rescued more than 800 dogs who had been abandoned at different landfills. I am only one of those activists. Sadly, a number of the dogs passed away before anybody could provide them assistance before it was too late. In point of fact, rescue workers have the impression that owners often get rid of their canine when the animal is becoming older or sick, or when it is no longer desired for “paintings.”

In the past, the rescue organization has helped rehabilitate a significant number of dogs from “landfills.” Despite the horrible circumstances in which they find themselves, those dogs never fail to provide joy to everyone around them and are eager to do so. However, due to the fact that it costs between $800–2,000 to rescue each dog, the effort that was intended to assist the waste dog has stalled out.

The medical staff believes that Kratos’ recuperation has been delayed as a consequence of his weakening device, but they still have faith that he will regain his whole being over the next two months. His mane has resumed its normal growth, and after he has fully recovered, he will be all set to return to his forever home. Recuperate quickly, you adorable young man! You may see Kratos’ rescue and then the misery of the dumped garbage dog by clicking on the video that is located beneath this paragraph.

By Elen

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