We have some helpful information for former service members as well as all of the cats and dogs now living in shelters in the state of California. Beginning in the year 2020, former service members will be eligible to get no-cost adoption of a dog or cat from a local animal shelter.

This new rule will help preserve the lives of a huge number of dogs and cats looking for a home, in addition to providing an additional benefit for our California veterans who have earned it.

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, gave his signature to Senate Bill 245, which includes the following provisions, in an effort to give a hand with the great hope to find forever homes for rescue animals and to lend a hand to veterans.

According to Section 12811 of the Vehicle Code, a public animal shelter is not allowed to charge an adoption fee for a dog [or cat] if the person who adopts the dog also gives the shelter a gift and a genuine driver’s license or identity card with the word “VETERAN” published on its face. This is required for the exemption. It is possible for a public animal refuge to limit the number of canines (and cats) that may be adopted out of that particular public animal refuge in accordance with this phase to one dog every six months.

State Senator Liang Liang Chang, who drafted the measure, mentioned the possibility that “this might be a big success for veterans and shelter animals.” According to Chang’s office, the state of California is home to two million veterans of the armed forces, many of whom continue to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTS). She brought up the possibility that a better half animal could be able to assist in their attempts to recuperate.

“Because of the way the phrasing is going, a dog is referred to as a “guy’s biggest pal.” “After I’ve settled down, my canine and feline companions will always be a part of my family,” said Chang. “Buster and Pepper provide joy and humor to my life, and the beneficial impacts that their friendship has on me are a direct result of their presence. Our courageous warriors deserve the same enjoyment, and I’m delighted that we’re in a position to reduce the barriers between bringing together veterans looking for companion animals and dogs in need of a home.

In January of 2020, the legislation will begin to function according to its provisions. Veterans need just provide their California identification card that has the veteran label in order to legally adopt a stray dog or cat. The animal shelter retains the right to place restrictions on the number of cats and dogs that a single adopter is permitted to take in. There are long-term plans in place to mandate the implantation of microchips in the animals.

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