You didn’t read the title wrong. The idea of making crafts out of feline hair sounds amazing and fun, especially to people who collect as much cat hair as a wool pile every day. Minira, a cute Japanese cat with short hair who is two years old, has recently become famous on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube because of her owner’s beautiful project.

Minira is just a little bit confused about her new present.

Check out these cozy slippers! Don’t they look so cool?

The owner had been saving the cat hair from the vacuum cleaner instead of throwing it away every day, so he or she had a lot of it. She also used a soft pair of leatherette gloves with tiny, rounded head spikes when she pets her cat. This way, she could massage the cat and pick up her hair at the same time. As long as she had a big enough ball of raw wool, she needle-felted to make creative, cute crafts like slippers and hats that were small enough for her cat to wear. Minira seemed to be both interested and amused by the cute gifts.

Slippers are made of cat fur that is the same size as a cat.

No one knows how long the process took, but the results will make any cat person ooh and aah. These cute cat-sized accessories made of cat fur have taken over many websites and social network pages around the world. Communities of people who love pets have made this a top trend. Dog lovers as well as cat lovers have thought it was worth a try. Instead of being annoyed by pet hair all over the house, we can learn how to sew as a hobby and use our creative minds. No matter how our works look, they will be valuable keepsakes for our dear friends.

One of the cute things Minira can do! Do you feel like your heart is melting when you think about her?

Minira is the cat with the most views on the YouTube channel Mirina-Dairy. Her Twitter account, MiniraDiary, and Instagram account, Minira0805, together have more than 60,000 followers. She is now well-known because she posts pictures of herself every day on the Internet. She is also known for the precious impressions she makes whenever her owner does something unexpected. You can enjoy the happy times they share and give them a lot of help.

Minira was warm and cozy with beautiful blankets.

Now, if you want to make something by hand from your pet’s lost hair, we’ll tell you how to do it. You can do it at any time of the year, but it will go faster when your pet sheds. You collect the fur that falls off when you sweep or vacuum the house, use a roller to clean your clothes, or gently brush your pet. Then, you put it in a cotton or paper bag so it doesn’t get mildewed and rot from the moisture. You should keep the fur bag in a dry place that isn’t too hot or cold.

When the fur collected weighs about 4 ounces (nearly 110-115 grams), it is enough to make a small souvenir. To get the dust out of the fur, gently wash it with warm water and shampoo. Then you spread it out on a piece of cloth to dry. When the fur is dry, you can use it to make designs. You can needle-felt like Minira’s owner, or you can use your own skills with things like glue, fabric, glittered sticky liquid, etc. And don’t forget to think about how your next project will look.

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