Everyone, no matter their age, race, or status in life, has to deal with it at some point. Even though most people act like nothing is wrong, the results can be very bad.

Depression and anxiety can have very real effects on your mind and body.

The story of Angela and a group of teenage boys is told in this great short film. One you’ll enjoy.

Angela is a very old woman who is waiting for the bus.

She pops a candy into her mouth as three teenage boys talk to each other until one of them pushes his friend backward and his backpack hits the back of Angela’s head.

Angela calls them out and asks them to apologize, but all she gets is a bunch of insults.

The boys insult her in a way that no mother would be proud of. They make fun of her age, her face, and even her d.e.a.d husband. Angela tries to stand up for herself, but the boys keep making fun of her husband, even after he passed away.

When they finally decide to leave to go get something to eat, Angela breaks down. She is alone and vulnerable, which is how most victims feel.

Scene changes to a woman coming out of her house. She is holding a plate of cookies and calling out to her son Carter. Carter won’t move, so she threatens him with “no video games.”

Carter is one of the kids who wait for the bus.

His mom fixes his hair as he drags himself up the front steps of the house next door. Carter’s mom rings the doorbell and says hello to her new neighbor as she welcomes her.

Try to guess who just moved into the house next door.

Lynn gives Angela the plate of cookies and the two women smile at each other. When Angela asks who the boy is, Lynn pulls her son over to her and introduces him to Angela.

That sure is a shocked face. But Angela is kind, and she smiles and says hello to young Carter.

Lynn and Carter agree to have tea with Angela. Angela and Lynn tell each other stories before Angela agrees to tutor Carter. In exchange for Carter’s help around the house, she will teach him a few things.

The first day comes, and Carter, who has always been a jerk, decides to act like he doesn’t care.

Angela isn’t scared, though. She stands her ground and threatens to tell everyone what he and his friends did.

Angela’s way of teaching is what comes next.

Carter lifts and cleans around the house, mows the lawn, trims the bushes, and does pretty much everything Angela can no longer do because of her age. She knows a lot. Like a Jedi Master, but not quite.

Angela finds a picture of Carter’s father by accident. It turns out that it’s a touchy subject. One that changes the way Angela looks as she smiles at the young man who looked upset when his dad was mentioned.

Carter and Angela talk about writing and books, which are boring to him like most teenage boys. Angela picks up a new copy of an original comic book that her husband used to have.

Carter is now interested, so he asks her questions with a curious tone.

As things go on, Angela and Carter get closer, and the once-angry teenager and the older woman start to respect each other more.

It’s a great short movie that shows how mean people have no place in the world.

Play the video below to find out how the story ends!

By Anna

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