During his evidence in the Johnny Depp defamation trial, DC Films President Walter Hamada disclosed that in his opinion, Amber Heard is not a star.

It is very historic that the CEO of one of the most illustrious studios in Hollywood would have such a comment to make about a Hollywood performer.

The information about Amber Heard’s participation in Aquaman 2 was sent to Hamada (Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom).

A question on Amber Heard’s contract and if Johnny Depp’s lawyer’s comments against Heard had any influence on her role as Mera in the Aquaman sequel was also posed to him. He also addressed the question.

Hamada was successful in demonstrating that this was not the situation.

It came to the attention of the film’s main actor, Jason Momoa, as well as the production company, that Amber Heard did not have a scientific background, which raised some worries for both parties.

To be fair, though, he went much above what was expected of him.

This statement from the President of DC Films, who went on to explain that he doesn’t view Amber Heard as just a “star,” is likely something that hurt Amber Heard’s feelings.

When it came to this specific event, all that was necessary for Hamada to do was utter the following:

There was no science behind it; rather, it was more comparable to what made a rockstar famous; it was something that could be recognized when it was seen.

This was a reference to the allegation that Amber Heard and Jason Momoa did not participate in any study that was relevant to science.

In my view, it would be a major inconvenience if Momoa was not informed about scientific developments.

The chief executive officer of DC Films, Walter Hamada, has said that the actress’ work has not been hampered, and that the company has not reduced her part despite what the actress has claimed.

In a deposition that he delivered on Tuesday in Johnny Depp’s $50 million libel case, Hamada conceded as much when he was questioned about the potential of recasting Amber Heard as Mera in the next Aquaman flick. According to the corporation, there is worry over Heard’s lack of chemistry with Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman. Momoa and Heard share the role of Mera and Aquaman.

It was reported by Walter Hamada that the two of them did not have a lot of chemistry together.

It is possible to manufacture chemistry amongst cast members even if they do not naturally share it via the use of cinematic and editing magic. This refers to the capacity to blend the strength of superb performances with the wonder of a brilliant composition. On the overall, it seems as if they have a strong connection when seen together on film.

But I can assure you that it was a laborious and time-consuming endeavor to get to that point. It is not impossible to successfully combine the plots of two different characters when they are shown together on television. It’s comparable to the factors that contribute to a movie star becoming renowned. As soon as you get a sight of anything, you’ll understand what it is. They did not have any chemistry together. This one was more challenging than the others since there wasn’t any chemistry between the two of them.

She was reportedly having trouble being cast in the Warner Bros. sequel, according to the legal team representing Heard. had been brought on by the uproar that followed Johnny Depp’s charges of sexual assault that she had committed against him.

Hamada noted that the original Aquaman was still effective, and that test audiences gave him an enthusiastic reaction. In regard to Heard’s performance, Hamada remarked that the original Aquaman was still effective. According to him, shooting with Heard was a breeze for him.

After being questioned further on the matter, Hamada stated that Heard’s responsibilities had not been “modified” in any way. According to the film’s producer, in the early stages of production for the sequel, Aquaman and his half-brother, Orm, were meant as a “buddy comedy” (Patrick Wilson).

Since Momoa is a scientific wiz, it seems that the film had to go through a substantial reworking process in order to suit his portrayal of Arthur Curry and Amber Heard’s performance as Mera.

He was surprised to learn that the circumstance had become so precarious that they were contemplating making changes to the project for the subsequent phase.

Hamada made the startling discovery that “there were conversations of effectively reevaluating.”

Walter Hamada, an executive of DC Films, has said that the continuous battle between Amber Heard and the firm did not have a detrimental influence on the production of Aquaman 2. On the other hand, according to Hamada, the studio was worried about the lack of chemistry between Heard and Jason Momoa, who appeared in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Momoa played Aquaman. Hamada also confirmed that Heard would continue to have a role in the next sequel, despite previous rumors to the contrary.

According to what Hamada said, “they didn’t have a lot of chemistry together.” To tell you the truth, there is nothing out of the ordinary about two leading characters on the big screen who lack chemistry. Rather, the ability to integrate performances with the enchantment of a fantastic composition and how you put the components together is what creates that connection between the audience and the performers. From what we see in the movie, it seems as if they have a really good relationship with one another. My only insight into the post-production process is that it required a significant amount of time and effort. There are times when all that is required of you is to toss a few characters into the screen and watch what transpires. It’s comparable to the factors that contribute to a movie star becoming renowned. When you look at it, you’ll immediately recognize it. There wasn’t enough of a relationship between the two… This one was more challenging than the others since there wasn’t any chemistry between the two of them.

In the last few days of the libel battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Walter Hamada, the senior vice president of Warner Bros., is scheduled to testify. According to Deadline, it is going to take place on Tuesday, and Hamada’s testimony will be played in the courtroom. It was taken from a deposition that took place on March 15. The legal team representing Depp aims to call Hamada as a witness in the forthcoming trial as a rebuttal, and they anticipate that he would testify against Heard.

Heard has claimed that her ongoing dispute with Johnny Depp has caused the Aquaman film series to suffer as a result. Amber Heard’s allegations that her part as Mera in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom was severely reduced because of the issue with Johnny Depp were supported by Kathryn Arnold, an experienced Hollywood producer, who testified on Monday in support of Amber Heard’s allegations. According to the evidence that Arnold uncovered, Mera had a more major role in the initial draft of The Lost Kingdom; but, in the finished result, she only made two appearances. We strongly disagree with Hamada’s assertion that Heard was subjected to any legal consequences as a result of the movie and maintain that she was not. At first, Heard was not given the opportunity to reprise her role as Mera in the Aquaman film trilogy because there were concerns over the relationship that may develop between her and Jason Momoa, who played the title character in the movie.

Arnold provided a thorough account of the claimed downgrading of Heard’s role during her deposition, focusing in particular on the lack of substantial action scenes for which Heard had prepared for months. Arnold also highlighted the absence of important action sequences.

Arnold made the following observation on the subsequent changes made to the film: “She didn’t hear anything.” She did not get the prescriptions at the same time that the other employees at her workplace did. One of her representatives communicated the information to her. When she eventually got her hands on the screenplay, she found that it was far shorter than what she had seen in earlier drafts. The first act of the movie starts off with the characters rushing her to the hospital. They had her admitted to the hospital, and their intention was to have her carry out this action scene at the very end after they had her in.

She exercised for a total of five hours every day, over a period of many months, in order to be in fighting shape for the major action sequence she was going to be in. In addition to that, when she arrived at the set, two more things occurred simultaneously. The costume designer confided in me, “I don’t know what happened to your part.” “The amount was decreased.” In addition, the third act of the movie was cut, as was the major action sequence that was supposed to take place at the conclusion of the movie starring her. They took it away from her without her permission. To put it another way, it was substantially chopped from the screenplay, and it was even cut from the training she underwent while getting ready for the picture.”

Heard filed for divorce from Depp in May of 2016, and shortly afterwards, she obtained a temporary restraining order against him. Since then, the two have been engaged in court battles against one another. Heard said in an opinion piece that she wrote for the Washington Post on her experience as a victim of domestic and sexual assault last year that going out about her abuse had a detrimental impact on her career. The post was about her experience as a survivor of both types of violence. In the opinion piece that Heard wrote, Johnny Depp was completely absent from the discussion. In his case for defamation against Heard, which is seeking $50 million in damages, he alleges that the op-ed caused him to lose film jobs and other opportunities because of Depp’s statements. Allegations have been made by Heard’s accusers that Depp abused her. This has been refuted by Depp. On the Court TV channel, the proceedings are being shown in real time during the broadcast.

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