Candace Cameron Bure is a star who is used to dealing with both favorable and negative comments made about her on various social media platforms. Natasha, her only daughter, has been exposed to severe abuse from admirers, which has caused her to break down in tears.

Candace Cameron Bure and her husband, Valeri Bure, have shown a remarkable level of commitment over the course of their marriage. The actress, well known for her role on “Fuller House,” experienced motherhood for the first time in 1998 when she and her husband became parents to a girl named Natasha.

Candace has proudly posted photographs and updates about her happy family on various social media platforms since the couple went on to have two more children, both of which were boys. During a prior interview with the “Today” program, the celebrity disclosed how, when she was a younger mother, she received a great deal of criticism.

During her visit on the program in June of 2018, she discussed how other people constantly harped on what was wrong or appropriate to do when it came to parenting children. However, now that she has teenagers of her own, she recognizes that the way she raised her kids was effective for her family.

Candace came to the conclusion that “differing things worked for varying individuals.” She never let criticism prevent her from posting on social media about her family, and she always took the time to read and reply to the comments left by her followers on those postings.


Candace said in an interview with Fox News in July 2020 that she has never allowed her life in Hollywood to prevent her from following her religion. She shared with the network that she was happy to have Christian views, and she continued by saying:

“In all honesty, my religion serves as the cornerstone of who I am. It is of the utmost significance to me, and it is always a component of who I am, whether I am reading the Bible at home in my quiet time or whether I am participating in a Bible study group.”

The actress also said that she put her faith into practice while on the job by making decisions that were consistent with her beliefs. Even down to the businesses and endeavors she selected to work on together, everything had to be in accordance with her values.

The famous actress was asked about her religious upbringing, and she responded by saying, “The Bible to me is reality.” She went on to describe how she was able to find comfort, hope, trust, and optimism in Jesus, and how her faith in Christianity had never let her down.

Whatever happened in her life, Candace was always certain that God was in charge, regardless of whether or not things turned out the way she had hoped. Her religious system was not something she relied on as a crutch; rather, it was something that rounded out who she was.

In the past, she has turned down various screenplays on the grounds that they did not fit in with her worldview in the way that she envisioned it. However, the actress was not the only member of her family to follow a religious tradition; in fact, her spouse of over twenty years also adhered to the same religion as she did.

In an interview with Us Weekly that took place in June 2021, Candace mentioned that one of her other wishes was for the future spouses of her children to be as pious as she was. She had the impression that the things she wanted weren’t asking for too much.


Candace was subjected to both positive and bad feedback from her audience since she was an active user of social media, which meant she saw both positive and negative remarks. By uploading an image of herself together with her spouse in September of the year 2020, she managed to stir up some controversy.

In the picture that she uploaded, she and Valeri were standing next to one other, and Valeri had his arm around her neck while his hand was on her breast. The public expression of love was not unanimously agreed upon as being proper for a Christian by the readers of the comments section.

Candace felt the need to defend herself on Instagram Story, explaining why the fact that her breasts were touched by the man she had been married to for 24 years was not wrong. She said that the criticism had made her giggle since the guy who had been caressing her was really her spouse and not just any old stranger.

The actress revealed to her devoted audience that they did, in fact, have a good time together, exactly how it seems in the photo. She went so far as to point out that Valeri could touch her whenever he wanted, and she admitted that she hoped he would. She said the following:

“This is the foundation upon which a happy, successful marriage and relationship are built.”

She expressed regret for the people she had angered for a split second before retracting her apology almost as fast as she had offered it. After all of the years that the celebrity couple had been together, she expressed her delight that they were still able to have fun together and urged her husband to “touch me all day long.”

In spite of the fact that Candace seemed to be able to take criticism rather well, things took a turn for the worst when her children were harassed on social media. She posted a wonderful snapshot of her family to her social media accounts to ring in the New Year in 2021, but she was criticized for doing so.

Only three of the persons in the picture, in one viewer’s opinion, seemed to be of human origin and to be enjoying themselves, while the other two appeared to be “psychopathic cyborgs poised to destroy a community.” Someone person had the opinion that Natasha’s “position and seductive feel” in the photograph did not belong in a picture of a Christian family.

While a third individual made fun of the Bures and referred to their family as having a “ugly” appearance. Someone person on social media remarked that Candace’s children seemed to be “miserable,” while someone else said that Natasha’s appearance in a selfie that she had taken appeared to have been altered.

The viewer was of the opinion that the Bure family’s eldest kid seemed to be more concerned with “looking vacuous and hiking up a knee” than she was with posing for a Christmas picture with her family. A sixth individual remarked on the “odd” appearance of the picture.

Another individual said that the family consisted of “weirdos” who did not get along with one another. Another person began their remark by expressing how much they like the sweaters that Candace’s kid wore before going on to criticize Natasha’s choice of attire.

A response from a follower to a post made by Candace Cameron Bure on Instagram on June 2, 2021 | Originally posted on Instagram by candacecbure.

Another one of Natasha’s trolls thought her expression was strange. Candace responded to the unwarranted criticism on her Facebook page by asking, “Why are people being so mean to me?” “Do you think it’s amusing to make fun of other people’s children? For the purpose of making jokes about them? To criticise our poses?”

She also believed that it was inappropriate to be cruel about a person’s facial expressions, the direction they were looking, or their physical appearance. This was one of her core beliefs. The actress called the criticism impolite and urged her supporters to behave themselves in the future.

She said that she was praying for humanity, respect, and politeness, as well as that people would just walk on when they didn’t like something. The celebrity let the trolls know that there were actual individuals with sentiments hiding behind their online personas.


In addition to receiving a great deal of criticism on the internet, Candace’s daughter has the most striking likeness to their mother among all of Candace’s children. The former contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” uploaded two photos on Instagram in September 2021 in which she and Natasha were posing together.

At that time, the celebrity sent two images together to wish the young adult a good birthday on the occasion of their 23rd birthday. Some fans remarked that the mother and daughter seemed to be sisters or “twins” in the photographs, making it difficult to determine which of the two was the mother and which was the daughter.

Candace broke the news to the public in February 2022 that she and her daughter will be co-starring in the next Hallmark Movies & Mysteries production titled “Aurora Teagarden: Haunted By Murder.” Natasha performed a younger version of the role that her mother had done in the performance, illustrating how similar the two of them were.

It also seemed as if the star’s kid was interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry like her mother. Candace couldn’t help but make a point of mentioning how impressed she was with the young woman’s abilities.

Not only did Natasha take like her mother in terms of appearance, but she also maintained the same Christian values that her mother did. In March of 2022, Candace published a post in which she congratulated the young lady on taking the step of being baptized and posted footage of the young woman being baptized.

“This day cannot be surpassed by anything else. Nothing!! My three children who are now adults have all publicly declared their believe in Jesus Christ, as well as their love for him, their service to him, and their commitment to him as “Lord of Lords, King of Kings, and Savior of the world.”

Natasha has followed in her mother’s footsteps and become highly active on social media, which has made her vulnerable to the direct criticism of her fans. Candace said to People magazine that the criticism that was directed against her 2021 family portrait had a negative impact on her children because she had to cope with the backlash.

She said that Natasha was subjected to a great deal of criticism, to the extent that “she’s come to me several days sobbing because of what others have posted on her social media,” which she said was a common occurrence. The actress consoled her with some words of advice in answer to her question.

Candace explained to her daughter that the individuals who posted “mean things” online were just doing so in an effort to provoke a response and get some attention. She said that it was essential to ignore the trolls since the critiques were a part of social media and that it was preferable to do so.

If the celebrity wanted her daughter to continue sharing things online, she counseled her to have a thicker skin. In June of 2022, Natasha posted a picture of herself posing wearing just a bra and shorts, which prompted one of her followers to tell her that she needed to “cover up.”

In a another picture, she appeared with a buddy, but a troll commented, “Simply put, Stranger Things is simply a television program. It is an illusion.” Another picture she uploaded showed her wearing a revealing bikini, which prompted a follower to encourage her to “modestly” live out her faith in light of the fact that she is a Christian.

A photo of Candace’s kid posing in a bikini top and jeans was shared online by Candace’s daughter in September of 2021. She was accused of having “white privilege” by a supporter when she was quoted as saying that she was oppressed and spoke out against vaccinations. This was done despite the fact that she had access to all that life has to offer.

Another person inquired as to whether or not Natasha would be willing to lead the worship area in front of Jesus while dressed in the attire that was seen in the photograph of her. Another one of Valerie’s posts included her daughter’s picture, which showed her dressed in a provocative clothing.

Someone on the internet said that they did not like the dress because the skirt was too short and the slit was too high. Another swimwear article prompted a reader to ask how a Christian could possibly wear the item in question.

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