Do you believe that the cost of maintaining a cat is minimal? But that’s not the case. Before bringing a cat into their home, everyone who is considering doing so need to be aware of this particular fact first.

Cats are susceptible to a variety of diseases; at times, they need unique formulations of food; and regardless of the circumstances, costs tend to follow in close pursuit. This ignores the individual’s desire to satisfy their hunger.

It’s possible that you’ll spend money on pricey items for your cats at the expense of satisfying your own hankerings. Nevertheless, unforeseen costs may arise at any time, and the price of taking a pet to the veterinarian is one of such costs.

The story of this cat is putting a significant damper on the excitement. This kind-hearted individual helped save a cat that was severely limping and had a severely fractured limb.

After paying the enormous cost of $10,000, he then proceeded to do something incredible for the recipient of his generosity. It’s understandable that some people wouldn’t be interested in shelling out such a significant sum for their feline companions, especially when it’s a cat that they have only just been acquainted with.

But this one guy accomplished it, and as a result, he became an internet sensation. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into the narrative.

On a certain day, the Full Hearts Cat Rescue received a call about a little orange cat that had been seen walking about the campus of the nearby university with a very severe limp. The call was concerning the kitten. The rescue organization did end up picking up the majority of them, and they were like:

“Just so gosh dang delighted to meet you,” purred like no other cat you’ve ever encountered… with the arm severely fractured. It was suggested that the arm be severed since he was still so young and might easily adjust to his new circumstances.”

“He slept a lot that the first day, and since I was on Christmas vacation, I spent a lot of time with him. I was terrified… What if he was in pain? What if he couldn’t eat?! He cuddled a lot while recovering.”
The following day, Teddy is strolling around, ready and searching for something

The next day, as he is out and about, on the lookout for something specific, Teddy runs across Joey.

It is clear that he is having some kind of problem since he lets out a mournful cry. Then, our second male foster cat, Joey, who is a black tiny cat, walks in. Joey is our other male foster cat.

Teddy is excited when he meets Joey and starts jumping about and squeaking in joy. After that, he starts playing with Joey. The person who came to the victim’s aid than had an epiphany and understands that he was merely looking for a friend.

Teddy expresses his happiness by jumping and squeaking and by beginning to play with Joey.

Later on, Teddy locates the person who rescued him and purrs loudly as he settles down next to him. It was at that point that the person who had saved Teddy came to the conclusion that he would be living there permanently.

“He is going to have to deal with his medical conditions for the rest of his life. Whatever he needs, I’ll make sure he gets.”
Anya, a foster cat who came from a different litter, is now purring next to him.

While Tink enjoys the warmth of the blanket, Teddy has his paw firmly planted on his owner’s arm.

The person who rescued the cats claims that the mother of their pets is called Tink and that she got her name from the bell that she wore when she was abandoned and pregnant outdoors.

“Tink had her litter of kittens outdoors, where they remained until my fiancée was able to capture her and bring her and the babies inside. This occurred a few years prior to when I first appeared on the scene.”

Are you able to spot the difference between Teddy and Tink?

He would go to my desk first thing in the morning and start making a mess.

He can only consume moist food, which he essentially RUNS into his mouth.

“After a few weeks have passed, his fur has grown back in beautifully. Here he is easing up on the preparation for D&D…”

The plot then takes an unexpected turn…

“Teddy is maturing into a wonderful young man, but the arrival of his adult teeth has caused his mouth opening to become even more restricted. It is more difficult for him to eat, and he often protrudes his tongue in an effort to feel more comfortable.”

It’s adorable, but he can be quite an unpleasant cuddler at times “That’s rude, doesn’t it sometimes appear as his tongue gets caught in his mouth, and we have to assist him to get it back in there? What if anything really does take place, are you aware of that?”

A CT scan was performed on the cat after it was transported to a veterinarian who specializes in dentistry. It was subsequently determined that he suffers from “ankylosis TMJ,” which means that the bones of his left jaw joint have fused together to form a single mass, preventing his jaw from being able to hinge.

They were presented with a number of options, and it was advised to them that “unless there is a situation that requires immediate attention, we shouldn’t seek surgery since it may make things worse.” Evidently, they did not go through all the trouble to go, as shown by the fact that they deposited $2,000 just to be met with a shrug and informed of reports they had heard.

“Then, a few Sundays later… the catastrophe. While chewing on some of the tough food in the basement, Teddy lacerates his tongue. He does NOT stop. It’s really reminiscent of a crime scene. Even though he seems content, we are concerned about the possibility of blood loss. I make the phone call, and then we start packing up and driving the two hours to Cornell, where there is the sole emergency veterinarian who may be able to do anything.”

A few Sundays later, the catastrophe takes place.

That appointment is FAR more favorable.

“There, he is provided with excellent care, and they provide us with a clean bill of health as well as an appointment with one of THEIR experts. This session went MUCH better, and the expert is VERY knowledgeable about the subject matter. We genuinely speak about the joint, real possibilities, how things will be altered, and how the side effects will play out. I’m not being spoken down to at all, and I really like that.”

The next step is the estimate, which states that the whole cost of surgery, which includes the first $2,000 payment, will really amount to $10,000. They went ahead and made the necessary arrangements for the appointments.

The operation is performed on Teddy.

Teddy has the procedure, and he makes a miraculous recovery! The very next day, he is already eating tough food and is recuperating far more quickly than everyone anticipated. The photo that is seen above shows him relaxing with his protective cone, feeding tube, and weirdly shaven face.

Cone off, and this fabric velcro collar is what’s holding his tube in place.

His all-time favorite is the one titled “Nut Bar.”

“He really enjoys the incident with the Model T.”

“After a while, the other cats will become accustomed to the cone, and they won’t be afraid of it anymore.”

“Two weeks later, the tube will be removed, and you will be able to remove the cone. Take a look at my youngster with the little head! Adorable goblin boy. He feeds well and it appears like he’ll be alright.”

Teddy continues to participate in physical therapy sessions. According to the person who helped him, “He’ll live. HE’D BETTER because if he doesn’t, I’m going to be a wreck.”

“Take a look at my kid with his little head!”

Full Hearts Cat Rescue is led by a kind gentleman and his fiancee. Their purpose is to “assist people to aid cats who have gone by the wayside, particularly in neglected areas that are dealing with their cat populations.” Visit our website at if you are interested in learning more about how you can provide a hand.

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