Weston Cage, Nicolas Cage’s son, had a hard time of it in his early 20s due to the circumstances of life. In 2011, he was detained twice for allegedly assaulting a family member, which led to his making headlines.

The young man, who was just 20 years old at the time, was married to Nikki Williams. Despite this, they dissolved their relationship not long after the occurrence of that event. Soon after that, Weston found himself in a precarious situation when, for some inexplicable reason, he was assaulted by his personal trainer.

The boy, who had a difficult upbringing as a result of the divorce of his parents, had resorted to alcohol as a means of coping with the hole in his life. Weston claims that on a daily basis, he drank thirty beers in addition to a box of wine and other types of strong alcohol. When Weston first met Danielle, a stunning blonde, he had the opportunity to make positive changes in his life.

The couple started dating not long after they first met, and he attributes the good changes in his life to the couple’s partnership. When Danielle told Weston that she was expecting only two days before their wedding in 2013, his happiness was immediately compounded. Everyone in their room was taken aback by the news, yet at the same time, they were overjoyed for the pair.

Nicolas, who is recognized in the acting world and is the son of Weston, was one of the people who was extremely thrilled for the pair. Weston said that his father is overjoyed when speaking to US Magazine at the Kasem Cares Foundation event. “My dad is happy,” Weston added.

At 3:14 p.m. on July 1, 2014, Weston and Danielle became parents for the first time to their son Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage. The first grandchild born to Nicolas was a boy called Lucian Augustus, who was named after Weston’s grandfather. The actor, who was 50 years old at the time, was also raising another son, Kal-El, with his wife, Alice Kim, and he was really excited to take on his new position as a grandfather.


Weston had just become a parent when he began the process of putting the final touches on his first solo album, “Prehistoric Technology.” When Weston was asked about his upcoming responsibilities as a parent, he revealed that a significant number of the ethics and ideals that he would be teaching his kid were ones that he had picked up from Nicolas.

Weston appreciated Nicolas’ influence on his life as a parent and also hailed the legendary actor for his abilities as a grandpa. Both of these compliments were directed toward Nicolas. The singer said the following: “He was a wonderful example of a parent to me. How is he as a grandfather to his grandchildren? Brilliant.”

During this time, Nicolas is beaming with pride over the fact that he is now a grandpa. The actor, who is a total sap when it comes to his loved ones, savors each and every moment. While he was there, the premiere of his film took place “The actor made this confession in the movie “The Runner,” saying, “I adore it [being a grandpa].” Each and every second”

Nicholas responded with a warm and fuzzy “His Smile,” when asked about the aspect of the infant that he liked most. Nicholas enjoys the company of his family very much. He wishes for his family to be with him wherever he travels and promises that he will be there to support his children in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue.

Weston, who was also in attendance, spoke well of his father, praising him for being encouraging, extraordinarily loving, cerebral, and grounded in reality. Weston disclosed this information when addressing inquiries regarding Nicolas’ responsibilities as a babysitter. He said that since infant Lucian may be rambunctious at times, everyone takes turns holding him. Despite this, Nicolas has nothing but affection for the kid. Weston continued by saying, “He is an outstanding grandpa.”

The birth of Weston and Danielle’s second child, Sorin, came exactly two years after the birth of their first child, Lucian. Nicholas is now a grandfather to two grandchildren as a result of the birth of the infant. A photo of the cute child was included with the singer’s post on Facebook in which she revealed the news. Weston also raved over Danielle and expressed his excitement about the two of them having another child together.


When Weston and Danielle suddenly decided to end their marriage, it came as quite a shock to both of them. Unfortuitously, the divorce proceedings between the two were very contentious, and Danielle ultimately sought a restraining order against Weston. During the hearings, the singer was required to maintain a distance of at least 100 yards from the defendant, unless there was a visitation with their children.

As a result of the separation, Nicolas was required to provide his kid with financial assistance. The actor supported his kid financially by contributing to his child support obligation. The divorce was finally formalized the following year, in 2018. The court decided that Danielle should have primary legal and physical custody of the children, while Weston would be permitted visiting rights.

As part of the settlement, Weston is also required to provide a monthly family support payment of $8,000, which is equivalent to half of the $16,000 that he gets from his father on a monthly basis. As part of the family support payment, Danielle and the kids received assistance with their vehicle payments and health insurance premiums.


Weston concluded his previous marriage and then went on to wed for the third time in the same year. On April 28, 2018, he and his fiancee Hila Aronian exchanged vows and became husband and wife. At the wedding, which took place in Canyon County in the state of California and had a rocker meets boho theme, practically all of the family members were there with the exception of Nicolas.

It has been reported that Nicolas had no choice but to rush out to another country in order to finish filming a movie. Despite this, he couldn’t hide his joy for the newlyweds. Guests were treated to beautiful music by acoustic singer and guitarist Jennifer Lynn Simpson as they drank beverages and watched the wedding develop.

The groom, Weston, was escorted down the aisle by his mother. In addition to this, she congratulated her son on his upcoming marriage and praised him for being the most romantic guy in the whole world.


After being married for two years, Weston and Hila brought identical twin girls into the world, making Nicolas a proud grandpa of four gorgeous children. The legendary actor was ecstatic upon hearing the news, according to a source, who provided this information.

“Nic and his whole family are going through a really joyful period right now.”

On Facebook, Hila announced the wonderful news and included a photo of her two gorgeous newborn children: Cyress Zara Cage Coppola and Venice Zohar Cage Coppola. The new mother claims that her twin children came on April 8, 2020, in excellent condition and were already behaving like they were two months old when they were born.

Weston became a father of four when Cyress and Venice were born to him in addition to Lucian and Sorin. The marriage of Weston and Hila seems to be quite happy, and Weston’s wife, Hila, is always gushing over her husband.

On his birthday in December 2019, she heaped admiration on him for the ways in which he makes her feel unique and for the fact that she never stops thinking about him. In the meanwhile, Nicolas and his current girlfriend Riko Shibata are also expecting their first child together.

Their spokesman said that the couple is excited to have their first child together later this year. The kid that the actor has with Riko would be his third child overall, after Weston and Kal-El. On February 16, 2021, the couple exchanged vows and became husband and wife.

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