Bokashi the dog has been in a lot of pain and suffering for the past ten years. Locals say that the blind dog ended up in the middle of the street after her owner moved to a particular home. No one knows who it belongs to, but Bokshil still thinks her people will find her someday.

Residents have seen people from Berkshire waiting impatiently by the unit. Her situation got worse over time. She lost her sight because of a senile cataract, and her teeth started to fall out, but Bokshil didn’t want to be saved by her worried neighbors. Instead, she stayed in her waiting position.

Bokshil is being taken care of by a kind grandmother who feeds her soft, ground food. Some people even built a small doghouse for her. Even so, it’s terrible to find out that the dog goes to the same place every day to look for her owner. On the busy streets, where she tries to find her person, she sometimes puts her life in danger and meets strangers.

The dog’s vet thinks that “waiting for her owner” gives the dog something to work toward. Because she is delusional, she won’t be able to handle the shock if a “rescuer” changes her atmosphere. We really hope that Bokshil’s owner finds out about her strange situation and finds her. Help Bokashi find her rightful owner by telling people about her.

Click on the video below to see Bokshil’s sad story of broken dreams and lost hope over the past ten years.

By Anna

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