When Caitlin and her boyfriend, Grant, started digging a drainage ditch behind their house in the spring of 2021, they knew the hole would be the right size for water to flow through.

What they didn’t know was that the hole was also the right size for their odd bulldog, Franklin.

“While Grant was digging the 20-foot-long trench, Franklin just hopped down into it and lay down,” Caitlin told The Dodo. “He kept digging down, and if someone picked him up, he would immediately jump back in.”

Franklin, who was adopted in 2020, has been Caitlin’s constant companion while she works from home. The active dog loves his family and always wants to be a part of any activity, especially ones that involve digging holes.

The bulldog lives in Alabama and loves to swing on the porch swing and go to pottery class with Caitlin, where he makes friends quickly. That is when he isn’t using his tunnel system the size of a bulldog to get to faraway places.

Caitlin said, “He’s just the cutest, funniest little furball.” “He has a very big personality.”

Since they dug the first trench, Caitlin and Grant have dug a lot of other holes, mostly for Franklin but also for gardens and plants.

Franklin might like how cozy it feels to be tucked away in a cool burrow. Maybe he likes the secret view he gets from the ground, where he almost blends in. Maybe he likes to imagine that he is a beautiful gardenia that has just been planted. Caitlin thinks that Franklin’s main goal is just to be a part of things and have his own place.

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