After being called by an old family friend who asked Carrie and Craig Kosinski if they could take care of her baby twins, the Kosinskis responded with a positive answer. Carrie and Craig made an offer to temporarily assume legal guardianship of the two adorable girls.

However, the days became into weeks, the weeks turned into months, and before long, the girls were a permanent part of the family. Carrie and Craig had discussed wanting children for as long as they could remember, but they had no idea how their journey to parenthood would ultimately play out.

Both Adalynn and Kena were born on the 28th of February in 2014. The twin daughters were delivered via emergency cesarean section, and their parents, the Kosinkis, were appointed as the girls’ legal guardians at the age of three months.

Carrie and Craig didn’t hear from their biological mother for a few years after they took custody of their adopted twins. When they did, she broke the news to them that she was dealing with yet another tragic circumstance.

She was dealing with a lot of issues in her life and was having a hard time making everything work. She inquired to the couple about whether or not they would be open to adopting her two younger children, twins Cece and J.J. who are two years old.

The older twins were Kenna and Adalynn’s biological brother and sister, and the younger twins were their younger siblings. Carrie and Craig, who are both from Union Grove, Wisconsin, were forced to give their decision a great deal of careful consideration.

While Kenna and Adalynn were going through the process of having their adoption finalized, the couple made a number of unsuccessful attempts at conceiving a child of their own.

They went to the doctor after a period of time in which they were clueless as to what was wrong, and the physician gave them some devastating news.

Carrie was diagnosed with severe endometriosis by her doctor, who informed her that the condition would prevent her from naturally becoming pregnant. Therefore, the idea of having biological children was pretty much out of the question for them, which is why they decided to start looking into adoption in the first place.

“It was a challenging choice to make. We were actively attempting to conceive a child ourselves. “We wanted to keep the siblings together, so that was definitely a part of our consideration,” Carrie told The Journal Times. “They were siblings, so that was definitely a part of our consideration.”

However, Carrie and Craig put their own fears to the side and informed the biological mother that they would be more than pleased to adopt the younger twins.

However, just a few weeks after adding Cece and J.J. to the family, Carrie began to experience strange feelings and became aware that she needed to see a physician.

An ultrasound performed in September of 2015 confirmed that Carrie was, in fact, carrying her own child. In point of fact, not one but two fetuses could be seen on the screen at the same time! Within the past five years, she and Craig have already given birth to two sets of twins.

According to what Carrie Kosinski shared with Today, “we were in astonishment, but incredibly delighted.”

Craig and Carrie were initially overcome with emotion, but they eventually realized that their pregnancy was a blessing from a higher force. The parents came to the conclusion that they needed to make sacrifices in order to provide their six children with a happy and secure environment in which to develop.

However, fate would soon pay the family another visit, and their medical professionals could hardly comprehend what had taken place.

Unbelievably, Karraline and Clarissa, who are biological twins, were born on February 28. This is the same date that the other two sets of twins were born.

“We were taken aback to a great extent. We were shocked to learn that we would be having three separate sets of identical twins. Carrie recalled that they had asked themselves, “What are we going to do with ourselves?”

The fact that all of Carrie and Craig’s children have the same birthday served as a resounding confirmation to the parents that everything that had transpired had been orchestrated by a higher power.

According to what Carrie had to say to The Journal Times, “God most definitely has a sense of humor.”

At the 25th week of her pregnancy, Carrie gave birth to her daughters Karraline and Clarissa, both of whom were conceived through in vitro fertilization. Unfortunately, their biological twins had to be treated in the neonatal intensive care unit for a number of months. But by the time they were eventually allowed to return home, Karraline and Clarissa had made a full recovery and were in good physical shape.

Having three sets of twins living under one roof is bound to be expensive, but numerous members of the community in the surrounding area have volunteered their financial assistance.

The family received financial assistance from generous strangers located across the country through online fundraising platforms such as GoFundMe and AdoptTogether. This assistance allowed the family to cover their rapidly increasing costs and expenses.

Carrie explains, “I have to be very organized and stay to a routine or things get out of hand,” and she acknowledges that this is a must for her.

Because all six of their children were born on the same day — Cece and J.J. were brought into the world on February 28, 2013; Adalynn and Kenna were brought into the world on February 28, 2014; and Karraline and Clarissa were brought into the world on February 28, 2016 — Craig and Carrie have the impression that someone in the heavens had a specific plan in mind for their family.

Carrie explained that the reason they believed they were supposed to adopt these children is because they think that God made them a part of His family when He took them in. “This is such a wonderful and unexpected gift for us. We have an equal amount of love for each of our children. We wouldn’t have it any other way, and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Today, this family is having a good time, and for Carrie and Craig, watching all of their lovely children mature into young adults must feel like an incredible blessing.

“Each one of them is unique in their own way. According to what Carrie said with Today, “we are tugged in six different places.” Each has their own unique personality, which is a lot of fun.

A tremendous amount of gratitude is due to Craig and Carrie for the generous nature of their hearts. It is really fantastic that they are caring for four children as if they were their own even if the children are not their own.

Because the couple was also able to have their own biological children, it gives the impression that they were given the reward for which they had been working toward all along.

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