Please keep baby Pascal in your thoughts and prayers as you watch this video, which is sure to be upsetting to anybody who has a soft spot in their heart for animals.

It is difficult to imagine that there are really individuals in the world who would harass a dog, but the reality is that such people do exist.

An Insane Person Smothers a Stray Dog in Super Glue. Then, a member of the rescue team realizes that there is still a chance.

The good news is that for every horrible person on the globe who would definitely be so brutal to an animal, there are many more who would do all in their ability to preserve the life of a four-legged buddy who has great value!

Even though Pascal is rather young, this does not imply that he has not experienced a great deal in his life. A gang of incredibly nasty individuals made the decision to cover this poor dog with glue for some reason. I have no idea what that motive was.

Little Pascal had been coated in glue for such a long period that he eventually became covered in dust and muck. Over time, it became harder than rock and eventually became indestructible.

Because the glue tomb was so thick, it began to restrict the young baby’s blood flow. This was quite dangerous. This beautiful dog had a high probability of passing away.

However, just when all hope seemed lost, a bunch of very heroic rescue workers arrived at the scene at the eleventh hour and got to work right away.

It required a lot of client work and a lot of time to carefully shave away his tough hair, but eventually, as layer upon layer was scraped off, anticipate tiny Pascal started to rise. This process took hours. Because of the reduced blood supply to one of his ears, things became so severe that one of his ears turned necrotic.

Although Pascal’s physical condition might vastly improve, the physicians are concerned that his soul may be irreparably damaged. It’s going to take a lot of hard work to bring him back to normal, but in the end, he’s going to find a permanent home where he can be loved and respected by the people who care for him.

Particular gratitude is extended to He’Art of Rescue for providing this footage and for their assistance in saving Pascal’s priceless life.

By Elen

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