A young dog that used to cower in fear whenever it was handled is gradually coming to enjoy the reassuring sensation of being petted.

After Monica Mitreanu posted a video of him in November of last year at a rescue shelter in Romania, the little canine, who has been given the name Kayne, has won the hearts of social media users all over the globe. Because the severity of the unimaginable torment he endured before being rescued was so great, he practically shouted out in dread at the idea of being touched.

Since then, the upsetting footage has been seen millions of times online, which has unwittingly made Kayne an emblem for the atrocities associated with animal maltreatment. However, this is not the end of his narrative.

It wasn’t immediately obvious what had happened to Kayne, and it’s possible that the lack of clarity was due to a misunderstanding on the name of the puppy (which has been reported elsewhere as Priscilla). We now know that Kayne has undergone a transformation as a result of a Facebook update posted by animal rescuer Kerry Wollacott, who works to assist in the rescue of canines in Romania.

The most recent clip shows the puppy being handled and smiling joyfully. And there will be a great deal more of it in the days and years to come.

Wollacott claims that since then, Kayne has been sent off to a foster home in another country, where he has been placed with the following family:

“I’m sure you all remember the now famous wailing dog, the video of which was disseminated far and wide, his scream pulling on everyone’s heart chords. “Well, here is little Kayne. He just got back from the veterinarian, where he had his vaccines in preparation for him to leave Romania on the 17th of December and begin his new life in the United Kingdom.”

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