Dogs are known to be man’s best friend; nevertheless, most dogs consider everyone to be a gentleman.

Dogs tend to have a temperament and mentality like this in general. Even if you give the impression that you are afraid of them, they will approach you and make an attempt to become your friend. You only need to give them a treat or two, and they’ll be on your side!

It starts with goodies, but the trust they place in a person is the foundation for their fondness for that person. It is similar to the attachment that you create with your neighbor’s dog when the two of you spend a lot of time together or when you go by their house often and give them a wonderful pet.

One of the neighboring dogs that is known for her friendliness is Lily.

Ishaan Chatterjee, who owns her, thinks of her as a friend, but he knew he had to acknowledge the fact that she also had other close companions. He saw how his buddy would talk to practically everybody who walked by, and he realized that if he maintained that mentality, it would be hard for him to make friends with anyone who would come and say hello.

When she encountered a canvasser or the mailman, she always made sure to give them some friendly waves and pats on the back. Sadly, not everyone stopped by to visit and pay notice to this dog that was always looking out for others.

Except for the guy who takes out the trash.

Lily started to observe that her family was given the trash cans on Thursday evenings, and that the cans were picked up the following day by a truck. She entertained the possibility that he may become her new best friend.

While she waited for the truck to come, a worker for the local sanitation department named David noticed that she was in the area. Lily seemed to like the little touch he gave her on the top of the head that he gave her. That was the beginning of the beginning of their romance.

Since that time, David has consistently arrived on time with some snacks in his pockets.

This has become a regular routine for Lily and David on Friday mornings; she waits patiently until the truck stops at the gate, and then David comes down to give Lily a pat and some goodies before he empties the family’s trash and departs the property. Each and every single time!

Ishaan delighted in looking out his window to see the two of them spending time together as their relationship flourished. He did not want to interrupt but managed to capture those beautiful moments on camera. He only wanted to demonstrate to others how our relationship with animals can take on such a beautiful form.

He uploaded these video snippets on TikTok, which have since been seen a large number of times by users.

The first video clip that he uploaded had over 750,000 views, but the subsequent video clip received more than 2 million views! People really cherished, and they delighted in, the connection that existed between these two.

He inserted a statement that said, “I feel it’s the greatest part of both of their days,” in the compilation of videos that he uploaded. It would seem that David was kind to Lily by feeding her goodies, and that Lily would wag her tail whenever she spotted the trash truck.

Ishaan also explained to The Dodo how the advice they had given everyone via their message was to be polite.

He said that “their connection has truly evolved into the loveliest thing” since it was first established. Ishaan went on to say that despite the fact that Lily has always been polite to anybody, he was able to see that her connection with David was stronger.

In the same interview, he also said that Lily and David are examples of what charity is and how it should be shown. Lily always gave back in kind when someone was kind to her, and it didn’t matter to her who they were or what they did. Being kind requires no more explanation than that.

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