Dozens of cats were rescued from a property in Indiana that had been condemned after it was discovered that they were living in “deplorable” circumstances. This instance included serious maltreatment.

The Humane Society of the United States was contacted for help after local authorities in Muncie, Indiana were made aware of what may have been an instance of animal mistreatment.

According to The Humane Society, its Animal Rescue and Response team supported the Muncie Police Department in investigating the suspected neglect and uncovered an utterly horrifying situation. The investigation was conducted in conjunction with the potential neglect investigation.

It was discovered that “piles of cats” have been living inside the residence in their own filth for some time. The flooring, the walls, and even the bed where the owner of the cats slept on were covered with cat feces. The residence was deemed unfit for human or animal habitation because of the hazardous circumstances that prevailed there.

The person who lived in the house voluntarily gave up the cats, and some of them were promptly removed in order to get urgent medical attention. In spite of the fact that many of the cats were suffering from upper respiratory infections, skin issues, and traumas, the majority of them were friendly and ready for attention. They were all really slim as well.

After the evaluation was over, each of the cats was moved to a temporary shelter where they would continue to get treatment and care until they are well enough to be adopted out.

Kitty Block, the CEO and president of the Humane Society of the United States, was quoted as saying, “These cats are suffering; I have never seen animals living in circumstances like this before.” As you go through the area, you must exercise caution so that you do not fall due to the accumulation of filth. These felines are kind and affectionate, and they demand to be petted.

Her attitude was echoed by Chief Nathan Sloan of the Munice Police Department, who said, “This was one of the worst animal situations and the most horrible living circumstances I have encountered in my 20 years of law enforcement.” He concurred with her assessment.

We are grateful that all of the kitties were saved from the inhumane and neglected circumstances! It is my hope that their previous owner is also receiving the necessary assistance at this time.

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