People living in the Baldwin Park area of California came upon a stray ginger tabby who was wearing a large roll of tape around his neck. Unfortunately, no one understood what had happened to the cat, but it was obvious that he was in a great deal of pain and need aid right away. They moved swiftly and dialed the number for Animal Control in attempt to rescue and aid the cat.

Because he was terrified of people, no one was ever successful in catching him, despite the efforts of a large number of individuals as well as those who worked for Animal Control. However, rescuers Kimberly Saxelby and Chris Gattas did not give up and decided to give Valentine’s Day another go at it in the hopes of bringing the ginger cat to safety.

“When we came, we set a trap barely two feet away from him as he slept beneath a car. We waited an hour, but we realized he wasn’t going in due to the tape roll on his head, so we had no choice but to try to catch him with our nets. “When we came, we set a trap barely two feet away from him as he slept beneath a car.

“When he attempted to run out, Chris was able to trap him with the pole net after trailing him for a while and cornering him into an old shed,” Kimberly added.

After that, they did their best to get the cat to the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter as quickly as possible so it could get medical treatment. They were able to put him at ease so they could examine the wound around his neck, and upon doing so, they found that it had been there for months. Emergency surgery was performed by the veterinarians at the shelter in order to clean and repair the region all the way around his neck and his ears.

“After we sedated him, none of us had any idea how serious his situation was until we removed the roll of tape from around his neck,” the author writes. It caused me to have tears in my eyes because I couldn’t fathom the amount of agony and misery that this poor, lovely cat has gone experiencing for as long as he’s been going through it. According to Kimberly, “He is very malnourished and dehydrated as a result of being unable to eat or drink normally when the tape is rolled over his head.”

Because he was found and saved on Valentine’s Day, the people who did the saving gave him the name Valentine. Valentine had a speedy recovery after undergoing treatment, and he was able to go back to his regular feeding routine despite no longer needing to wear the neck tape. However, he was still reserved and shy when he was with other people.

When he was placed in a foster family, thankfully, he started exhibiting better behavior almost immediately. After he had been harmed, Valentine needed someone to care for him and teach him how to trust and love again. His foster parents did just that.

“He has endured a great deal of torment and distress, and as a result, he is deserving of our affection.” “I know that this cat did not used to be afraid of people and possibly loved human touch,” Kimberly added. “I know this because of the past.”

The stray cat named Valentine, who was in dire need of love and care, was eventually able to find a permanent home, and now he is living a life that is full of love and happiness. We are grateful to the people who rescued Valentine and his family for showering him with the love and attention that he so richly deserves.

By Elen

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