Following a hor rible assault with acid, Georgie, the adorable tabby cat that you can see in the photographs below, is today battling for her own life. Georgie is 10 years old. That’s accurate; the cat suffered serious burns all over her body after being doused with acid and then allowed to pass away alone.

According to Toby’s owner, Lyn Prewer, the cat arrived back home on Thursday seeming to be “nearly dead.” She abruptly comprehended the importance of the situation, and she hurried the cat to the veterinarian. Toby required emergency medical attention, and his condition is now life-threatening. Because to the serious burns in her mouth, the cat will most certainly lose both of her eyes and ears, and she won’t even be able to feed. The poor infant.

Mr. Prewer said that the burns were of a significant severity. Georgie suffered severe burns, and it’s a marvel that she made it home in the state that she was in given how terribly she was injured. The unfortunate animal was swaddled in a towel by the women before being hurried off to the veterinarian. “It was the most traumatic event of my whole life. My youngster is in utter disbelief! Mr. Prewer stated.

The cat was quite pleasant to be around, and it never caused anybody any harm. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSCPA) is still looking into this terrible occurrence even though no one observed anybody assaulting the cat.

By Elen

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