As soon as Wally arrived at the Town of Islip Animal Sanctuary for the first time, it was obvious that he had come from a troubled background. When he was found wandering the streets, he was somewhere about 10 years old, and it was clear that he had spent the most of his life outdoors.

Wally, despite all that he had been through, all wanted from the beginning was for someone to like him, and his new friends at the refuge leaped right in to give him all of the love and attention that he had been missing.

Wally had a significant skin infection and was blind in one eye, to mention just two of the clinical challenges he was dealing with, and he definitely had an unusual appearance. His new companions were worried that his uncommon look could discourage prospective owners from adopting him; nonetheless, they hoped that other people would be able to see the wonderful dog that they had fallen in love with so quickly despite the dog’s unconventional appearance.

Danielle Gorle, a veterinary expert at the Town of Islip Animal Shelter, told The Dodo that the dog likes to slobber on people and will do anything for some food. “He suches as to drool on you,” she said. “He enjoys taking it easy and doing nothing but lounging about all day.”

The sweet dog Wally has a lot of love to give and all he wants is to find a family to share it with, but it has been over a year and the shelter is still Wally’s home. Wally is quite frustrated.

Wally is an older dog who just wants to live out the rest of his golden years in peace. His rescuers are eager for him to find a permanent home as soon as possible since sanctuary life is starting to wear him down. Wally’s desire is to live out his golden years in peace.

Gorle made the observation that it appears like he is getting worse. “When he first became accessible, he greeted everyone with a smile. He seems to be miserable while confined in his kennel, despite the fact that he adores going for walks.

Wally would mature best in a serene setting that was devoid of stairs, children less than 15 years old, and other animals. A family that understands and can accommodate his medical needs is also necessary for him, but other than that, all Wally wants is love, and he’ll give it to you in plenty if you offer it to him.

Wally had a terrible start in life, and now all he wants is to spend the rest of his days being cared for by a family that he can call his own and cuddle up with them.

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