A stray cat in Istanbul, Turkey, with a horrifically scarred face had been spending a horrible existence, scavenging for food in trash cans. Eventually, the cat was rescued. writes blog posts at greatergood.theanimalrescuesite.com

Everyone who spotted her continued on their way without stopping. They instantly disregarded her due to the fact that she had an unattractive look.

A little girl of seven years old made the discovery of the ill animal, and she experienced something different from the other individuals who had neglected her. She was able to see beyond her deformed visage and recognize that she needed to take some action in order to rescue her.

She took the cat with her to her father at home and asked him for assistance. The unfortunate cat was severely underweight, was missing an ear, had trouble opening her right eye, and was infested with mites. She also had mites.

The little girl and her father hurried the sick cat to the veterinarian, where they were successful in bringing her back to full health. They provided her with the appropriate medicines and operated on her to correct a number of the facial defects that she had.

They gave the cat the name Gulumser, which translates to “she who is happy all the time.” The cat is doing much better these days, and she has become inseparable with the little girl who was the one who saved her life.

This goes to demonstrate that you can’t simply look at the cover of a book to determine what it’s about!

It can be an overwhelming expense for organizations that save the lives of thousands of pets each year to provide for the fundamental requirements of dogs and cats, such as food and medical care. As a result, these organizations frequently have very little money left over for the acquisition of non-essential supplies.

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