A tragic account of a lost dog ultimately resulted in an emotional reunion between the hapless animal and the family who had been searching for him. After the family recognized their missing dog in an image that was shown on the television, everything fell into place. The heartwarming tale was only just posted on Facebook by the Wisconsin Humane Society!

Because Dwight gets to bed quite early most nights, he makes sure the television is turned off so he can get a good night’s rest. On the other hand, a few of days ago he merely left on, and amazingly, the whole thing turned out to be the most touching experience. The guy from Wisconsin was finally able to find his dog after almost two years of searching because to a “mistake” on his part.

Following the main news was a section about animals looking for forever homes. But as they proceeded to describe a puppy as having “the most lovely underbite,” Dwight and his wife immediately recognized Payday, their lost dog, and they burst into tears. Payday had been described as having “the most beautiful underbite.”

According to a post made by the Wisconsin Humane Society on their Facebook page, “Dwight generally switches off his TV every night, but must have left it on by mistake — or maybe owing to destiny.” “A cursory examination of the photograph was all that was required to identify Payday.”

Dwight was shocked when he saw their beloved dog after it had been missing for two years, and he immediately phoned the TV station. They assisted him in contacting the animal shelter that had placed Payday up for adoption and arranging a visit with the staff there. The next day, Mellisa, Dwight’s mom, went to the animal shelter to meet her new fuzzy kid she had adopted. It was a sweet moment when they saw each other again, especially since Payday remembered the lady right away.

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