The destruction that swept over northern California, obliterating everything in its path, was pointless and would lead to the loss of a large number of people. In the midst of the mayhem, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office made a startling discovery that they had not been anticipating. A dog could be seen peering out from behind the workers as they searched among the charred remains of the packages and the wreckage.

After reaching through the mess to rescue Little Joe and bringing him to a secure place, they saw that he had a few scrapes and bruises. They brought him to the local animal control center in order to have him examined in further detail. Unfortunately, the owner of the property that was investigated by the deputies had more than one tyke on the premises, but he was unable to locate all of them. It was imperative that he evacuate his body as swiftly as possible, or else he would have been destroyed in the backfires.

This agile dog was relieved to meet the person who came to his rescue after it had survived the fire. On the scene, they attended to his needs by giving him food and drink and plenty of hugs and kisses. Because the Sheriff’s Office was unable to determine who the puppy belonged to, they decided to give it the moniker Little Joe Soldier. As of the time this article was written, at least 35 people have been killed, and over four million acres of land have been devastated by fire. The deer in California, Oregon, and Washington are wreaking havoc on the landscape.

Because the last few days have been challenging for the whole of our nation, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook that they wanted to share “a positive tale moment” along with photographs of the dog being rescued. They were able to ignite a fire under expediency thanks to everyone who assisted in the rescue of this little puppy during these difficult circumstances.

By Anna

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