When Sadie and the other members of her litter arrived to the Harris Region Animal Sanctuary in Texas, they had not yet reached their first birthday. The staff had taken photographs of Sadie, and shortly after, a family decided to give her a forever home. But Sadie quickly realized that this was not the forever family she had been yearning for.

A worker at the Harris County Pet Sanctuary named Ashley Roberts was there the month before when Sadie’s family turned her over to the shelter. Roberts reported to The Dodo that Sadie was curled up into a tight ball. “If I’m being really honest, I imagined she was a stray who had just been found, which is why I thought she was acting so terrified. Even among the individuals, she was with, she did not give the impression of being comfortable.

“They started something along the lines of [Hurricane] Harvey and said, ‘We felt we were going to keep her,'” Roberts added. “They suggested something along the lines of Hurricane Harvey.” “But despite the fact that they were returning her to the shelter, they did not seem to feel any regret about their decision.” When an employee scanned Sadie’s microchip and looked up her information on their databases, a picture of Sadie as a tiny puppy was one of the things that came up.

Roberts continued by saying, ” The employee was so close to breaking down in tears.” “He was unable to function when he viewed the photo of her from the beginning as well as her appearance today… being handed up to a kill refuge after having been rescued. The image she portrayed of herself as a self-assured little puppy was in stark contrast to the dog that stood in front of us. He was on the verge of crying. I was already crying when she asked.

The next week, a different family approached the shelter and pleaded with the staff to allow them to adopt Sadie. At first, everyone was really happy because they believed that Sadie’s run of bad luck had finally come to an end. In spite of this, Sadie’s new family gave her back a week after they adopted her. Roberts elucidated, “I had not been there the second time she was given up, but the brand-new family claimed that she continued having accidents in the home.” “I had not been there the first time she was given up.” “We have reason to suspect that she was in such a state of panic that she had to relieve herself out of nervousness.”

After this happened, the cast and crew posted images of Sadie on Facebook in the expectation that she would soon be adopted into a better and more permanent home. Not long after that, a young woman got in touch with the shelter and promised to look after Sadie with the eventual goal of giving her a permanent home.

Roberts noted that the goal of the organization is to “conduct adoption and foster treatment so that these creatures and humans have a greater likelihood of success with the fostering.” And we made it very clear that “[Sadie] doesn’t need to be around any other dogs for at least a week. Just give her some space, and allow her some time to calm down after everything that she’s been through.” Roberts claims that the young lady in question did not listen for some unknown reason.

According to Roberts, ” She looked to be well-intentioned, and we felt that it would definitely work out.” “Therefore, she brought her home and reported that, ‘Oh, she’s doing so great.'”Her instruction to her sister was to “bring your dog over.” As a direct consequence of this, her sister comes over to her dog, and Sadie is attacked by it. When Sadie was brought in for the fourth time to the Harris County Animal Shelter, the animal shelter staff saw that her neck was covered in bite wounds.

Roberts continued by saying, ” It’s all been horrible luck.” “I truly have never in my whole life seen a dog that has been returned such a large number of times.” The employees at the shelter made arrangements for Sadie to be put in a foster home with Down South Rescue so that they could provide her with assistance while she got her life back on track.

According to the information provided by Down South Rescue supervisor Sharon Fanning to The Dodo, “Sadie is with an experienced foster and she is working with her.” “She still has a fearful and mistrustful disposition toward other people. In spite of this, she has formed a deep emotional bond with her foster mother. She will need some time to recuperate, both mentally and physically, before she can return to normal. Furthermore, we are going to be really picky about anyone we let adopt her. There is no way that Sadie will be made available for fostering at this time, but when she finally is, Roberts wishes for her to have the most wonderful home imaginable.

Roberts went on to say that ” She was really lovely at the shelter – I do not believe she has a bone in her body that is capable of cruelty.” “All that we want for is a family that will cherish her and provides the time and effort that she requires,” you said.

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