In his life, Dwayne Johnson has had a lot of different jobs and has worn a lot of different hats, but he says that the one that he enjoys the most is the one that distinguishes him as a parent.

The well-known actor is the father of three children: his daughter Simone, who is now 17 years old, his toddlers Tiana, who is 15 months old, and Jasmine, who is 2 years old, with his girlfriend Lauren Hashian.

Dwayne does not hide the fact that his connection with his children is highly important to him and that he places a high priority on maintaining it. Everything you need to know about his relationship with them is detailed here.

As was said previously, Dwayne is the father of three daughters, one of which is a child of his marriage to his first wife, Dany Garcia, in May 1997. The other two daughters were born after he married their respective second wives.

Dwayne first became acquainted with the lady while they were both undergraduates at the University of Miami, where he attended on a football scholarship. After being married in 1997 and having a daughter named Simone together, the couple decided to end their partnership ten years later.

The fact that they continued to feel love and goodwill toward one other after the breakup of their partnership is the aspect of their romance that is the most intriguing to me.

The year that Dwayne’s divorce was completed was also the year that he pleaded with Garcia to take over the administration of his acting career. At that time, he was sick of having to reduce his weight to conform to Hollywood norms.

They were both aware that her accepting his offer would put an end to their relationship, and despite this knowledge, they were both supportive of the decision. Garcia was an easy addition since, prior to his asking her to join, she had already been heavily connected with his agents.

Even though she was helping Dwayne expand his business, the four of them managed to maintain their close family tie. It was a smart move due to the fact that The Rock made an astounding $124 million in 2018, which is the highest money any actor has made since Forbes started compiling its Celebrity 100 list twenty years ago.

Although being a father is a complex topic, it seems like Dwayne has everything under control. His social media platforms are flooded with postings that convey the depth of his affection for them and how much he values their friendship.

Despite the fact that they had not yet tied the knot, he nevertheless enjoyed referring to her as his wife.
Simone, his oldest daughter, received her high school diploma in 2019 and immediately enrolled at New York University. The ecstatic parent told all of his admirers about the accomplishment.

“I am overjoyed that my first daughter has graduated from high school and will soon be attending NYU. I will always adore you, and I know that one day, you won’t run away from my ferocious hugs and kisses “He added a message on a photo that included both him and her.

Obviously, the big guy has not always had it so easy when it comes to being a father. When he had his first kid, he was still a young man and had not yet attained the kind of fame that he currently enjoys as a celebrity.

It demonstrated how he brought up his kid; however, things were different once he divorced his wife. He came to the conclusion that he would use all he had learned from the experience in the next relationship he had.

Now, he has a wonderful connection with each of his three children, and in exchange, they help keep him rooted in reality and prevent him from getting too caught up in the lifestyle of a celebrity. He once said in a 2019 interview that “through time and experience, I’m a different sort of parent,” which he had said before.

While Dwayne was still married to Garcia, he met the woman who would become his second wife, Laura Hashian, on the set of “The Game Plan.” However, the two did not begin dating until after the actor and his ex-wife made the decision to end their marriage and announce their divorce in 2007.

Since then, the two have not been able to be apart and are actively causing confusion among internet users on their romantic status. First, even before Dwayne’s divorce was official, they admitted that they were in a relationship. Next, they moved in together and he began referring to her as his wife. Finally, they had children together.

It led many people to believe that they had participated in an illicit marriage, but this was not the case; rather, he just enjoyed calling her his wife despite the fact that they had not yet tied the knot.

Indeed, he loved Laura, but Dwayne was not about to hurry into another marriage, so the two of them decided to take things at their own pace for the time being. Next, in 2015, the couple announced the arrival of their first child, Jasmine, and in 2018, they announced the arrival of their second child, Tiana Gia.

Their wedding took place in 2019, and it was one of the most talked-about events in Hollywood because of the way in which they managed to pull it off. Furthermore, their relationship is still one of the Internet’s favorites.

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