Meet Bleu and Colby, also known by their moniker of Cheese Patrol, two Golden Retriever brothers who are no strangers to the spotlight.

They were captured on camera in the middle of an audacious jailbreak, which consisted of releasing their co-conspirator so that she could provide them with some munchies. This action caused them to become viral once again.

Toddler Chloe is just 15 months old, yet she gets along quite well with the dogs despite her young age. The astute pups quickly realized that Chloe is much more generous with the goodies than her parents, and this realization serves as their primary motive for paying Chloe as many visits as they possibly can!

According to what Chris, Chloe’s dad, told Bored Panda, “Colby parks himself behind Chloe’s high chair every night.”
“Recently, she has become tall enough to reach into their food container, and in order to help them out, she has been scooping out kibble and dropping it for them,” much to our annoyance.

When it’s time for breakfast but the tried-and-true method of barking at the front door of mom and dad doesn’t work, Cheese Patrol gets to work.

Chris elucidated that if the clock strikes six in the morning and they still have not been fed, they make it a point to seek for food.

They sneak inside Chloe’s room, open the door stealthily, and gently push and kiss her to rouse her up so they can get out of there. Little Chloe is more than willing to cooperate as the pups excitedly bring her to the goodies as soon as she opens her eyes after sleeping.

Chloe’s mother, Nina, was confused when she saw her daughter wandering around the hallways in the morning since she is not yet old enough to open the door to her bedroom. Chloe is not yet old enough to unlock her bedroom door.

She made the decision to videotape it in order to find out what was going on, and the video footage of the jailbreak is adorable beyond description.

Their devious morning antics are about to come to an end, though, since Chris, who is the manager of a software company, and his wife Nina, who is a nurse, is moving, and security will be more stringent from this point forward.

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