Parker, the dog, has endured years of “overlook and misery,” but he is now beginning to feel the love.

According to a post made on Facebook by Tri-County Humane in Boca Raton, Florida, on June 8, an unidentified person tossed a little Shih Tzu dog over the fence of Tri-County Humane. The canine had fallen down close to the trash at the rescue center, which is where the facility’s employees found it.

“Her hair was glued to her skin, her nails were so long that they were wrapped around her paws, and her wounds were so ancient that maggots had started to infest them.” “The stench is something that I will surely never forget,” Tri-County Humane published on social networks along with multiple images of the dog, who was eventually given the name Parker. The pictures show the creature coated in filth and matted hair, and Tri-County Humane referred to the dog as “Parker.”

“I had never seen anything even somewhat like to that before, and I really hope that I never will again,”

Despite the fact that Parker arrived to Tri-County Humane in a pitiful state, the rescue organization did not lose up on the canine. After finding the dog by the garbage, the employees at the Tri-County Humane Society immediately started helping the animal feel more at ease.

According to a post made on Facebook by the rescue organization, “it took 5 staff members over 2 hours to shave her meticulously, replacing out buzzers when they grew hot.”

In addition to removing two pounds of dirt and hair off Parker, the veterinarian at Tri-County Humane worked on the dog’s open wounds as the rest of the rescue team calmed the animal.

“We spoke to her and reassured her that the most difficult part was over, that she needed to be strong, and that she was loved,”

In spite of the challenges she had during her first few days at the rescue, Parker has managed to pull through and is now standing on her own paws and eating on her own. On June 15, the Tri-County Humane Society published a video clip showing the dog enjoying her morning food while confined in her kennel.
Based on Parker’s concerning condition when it was brought to the shelter, the veterinarian who treated the Shih Tzu at Tri-Humane, Dr. Lindsey Naimoli, speculated to WPBF that the Shih Tzu may have spent the majority of her life confined in a cage and forced to breed. Parker was brought to the shelter by a rescue organization.

According to WPBF, Tri-Humane is collaborating with the Palm Coast County Sheriff’s Office to identify the person or people responsible for Parker’s abandonment near the trash at the rescue.

“It is quite unlikely that only one animal would be treated in a cruel manner,” said the veterinarian. Dr. Naimoli provided the outlet with the following response when asked about the reasons why it is vital to identify who ignored Parker: “I believe this is one of several.”

As far as Parker is concerned, the events of the past are in the past, and she is now concentrating on getting well. The veterinarian, Dr. Naimoli, is optimistic that the dog will make a full recovery and that it will be available for adoption as early as September.

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