There are simply certain days when everything that could possibly go wrong does.

This is exactly what occurred to these two adolescents, who ended up being the ones to save a life.

Jamal Harris and Aaron Arias are the two individuals in the issue here.
Aaron and Jamal were just typical adolescents when they went to pick up their pal from his job.

However, while they were there, they became focused on something in particular.

They were waiting at a stoplight in Seagoville when another vehicle drew up to them beside the road.

They were interested in what was going on because they saw a pretty female sitting in the backseat.

Naturally, the two of them voiced their agreement that “She’s somewhat attractive” before the feeling that “Something’s not right” started to take hold in the room.

The young woman seemed to be frightened, and the guy who was sitting in the driver’s seat didn’t appear to be very happy with the attention that she was garnering.

The individual who was sitting in the driver’s seat regarded them in a manner that suggested he was suspicious. After that, Jamal was able to read the girl’s lips.

She seemed to be mumbling “Help me.”

The two of them were beginning to understand that this was not a joke. They did not have much time to think about what was happening before the automobile began moving again.

The young woman started banging on the back glass in an obviously desperate and frantic manner.

The guys did not need any more direction after hearing that. Someone’s life was in immediate danger, but there was nobody else in the area who could do something about it. Their colleague at work may remain patient.

Aaron placed a call to the authorities and provided a detailed account of what they had just seen. It was quite evident to them that they were seeing an abduction.

After that, the young people followed the vehicle for the next half an hour. After some time had passed, the motorist became aware that he was being followed.

The driver was pushing the envelope and taking corners at an extreme angle in an effort to shake them off. Aaron discussed in detail:

They moved about quite a bit, and at times they would travel very, extremely quickly, to the point that we could not keep up with them. After that, we’d get up to them, and then they’d start moving really slowly.

This suspect was aware that he would not be able to escape.
On the other hand, Aaron and Jamal didn’t seem too concerned. In point of truth, Jamal said,

“I couldn’t contain my excitement because I knew someone would eventually stop them,” she said.

And someone did. After some time, the cops arrived at the scene.

The little boys had great joy in being able to see the process of justice being carried out.

They were filled with joy and found some solace in the fact that the police were able to extract the suspect from the vehicle.

Check out the video that follows to get more details on the nail-biting event!

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