People all across the globe have been able to see a wide variety of skilled performers ever since the invention of public pianos. These artists would sit on the piano’s seats, take a moment to catch their breath, and then show off their incredible abilities. One of the objectives of the initiative titled “Play Me, I’m Yours” was to do this. Luke Jerram, a British artist who is skilled in a variety of mediums, embarked on a journey throughout the globe and is credited with initiating the practice of placing pianos in public locations.

There are pianos scattered throughout shopping centers, parks, streets, and even railway stations. Across two thousand pianos have been placed in public spaces all over the world, and local artists have taken the initiative to decorate the pianos themselves.

George Harliono, age 11, performs the third movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on a street piano as it rains.

Jerram encourages others to play the piano by providing them with a straightforward directive: “Play Me, I’m Yours.”

Because of this, everyone is invited to take a seat at the public piano, regardless of whether they are complete novices who are still on the cusp of learning the instrument or world-class pianists who have been playing for decades. It is a wonderful location for exhibiting your artwork and making connections with other individuals. This eleven-year-old youngster had the gumption to give it a go on his own, despite the fact that the project included extraordinary talents from all over the globe.

A park in Soho, London, was going about its business on a typical day.

Teenagers may be seen playing ping pong, adults can be seen conversing while leaning on the public piano, and people of all ages are out and about enjoying the day. George Harliono, a little boy of eleven years old, approached the adults and requested if he may participate in the game. The guys were kind enough to make room for the child in their vehicle. Harliono went back to his seat and prepared himself mentally for the next performance in front of the audience.

The composition “The Lark” by Mikhail Glinka and Mili Balakirev was the first piece of classical music that he performed. It was remarkable that the young guy could conjure up the same sense of melancholy and beauty in his playing on the piano. The piece had both a sad and beautiful quality to it. He used his fingers to lightly caress the piano keys, and the people around him were mystified by the beautiful music that it produced.

The child kept playing as more and more people stopped what they were doing to watch his performance.

He nailed the most difficult and quickest portions of the song and demonstrated the appropriate musical dynamics throughout the performance.

Harliano had such little fingers, yet he managed to strike every note and perform the piece quite well.

The audience applauded him, but Harliono continued the performance by playing another song for the ever-increasing number of people who had gathered to see him.

The youngster made the bold choice to perform Beethoven’s well-known “Moonlight Sonata, Movement 3.” As soon as he began playing the introduction, he immediately astounded everyone. Even the adolescents who were playing in the background stopped what they were doing to observe him. After being published on the internet, the film now has 7.4 million views on the website YouTube.

The little boy who was only 11 years old when he started playing the piano in the park eventually grew up to be an 18-year-old piano virtuoso who took his amazing piano abilities to larger platforms. Additionally, he uploads new videos on a regular basis to his YouTube channel; thus, you should pay him a visit there and support him on his other social media platforms. Simply click the link below to see the whole performance in its entirety.

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