Your affection will undoubtedly be won over by Annie and her perceptiveness. Last week, when Air was on her way to visit her grandmother, she spotted a little soul sitting on the side of the road, and she pulled over to inquire about its owner.

Annie was discarded like scrap because her owner did not want her at this time and had no use for her. In point of fact, her owner and his son intended to take her to the wooded area so that she could be abandoned a significant distance away from them.

It appeared as though she hadn’t eaten in a very long time due to the fact that she was so depressed and appeared to be in poor health.

It was only natural for Aura to pick her up. Annie was suffering from baldness, infections, mange, and starvation. Poor Annie. She is close to ten years old, extremely loving, and absolutely lovable. Those cognizance! Having improved in the past.

Annie needs to take her to the veterinarian to determine if there is a problem of any kind.

After receiving a skin treatment and a bath, she spent the night at the veterinary clinic. She ended up canceling all of her blood tests! She is currently in the care of Barking Frenetic Canine Deliverance, and for her, the road to recovery is going to be a long one!

Currently, she is in good health. And she began the process of regaining her health as well as her appreciation for life.

Also, what took place was not simple, but Annie was a brave person, and she did her best to recover and get back to living a life filled with joy and love.

She is currently residing with her brand-new proprietor, who has a lot of affection for her and provides her with a comfortable home.

By Anna

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