This dog, called Titan, enjoys nothing more than going on family outings on the golf cart that belongs to his owners’ family. Nevertheless, it was clear that a trip by itself had a certain allure for the dog as well.

Mallory Kmet, Titan’s mother, recently got home to find that the golf cart had been taken on a short journey by an unknown driver. She was surprised to learn this news.

“While we were gone, we eventually came back home, and when we did, I exclaimed to my husband, ‘Oh my gosh! Kmet revealed this information to CTV News, saying, “Someone went in our backyard and grabbed our golf cart for a trip before crashing it into my vehicle.”

However, after watching the videotape from the camera that overlooked the yard, the “someone” that was hiding behind the drive became obvious.

That would be Titan. Titan, thankfully, had not sustained any injuries as a result of the low-speed collision. The vehicle, on the other hand, did suffer a few minor scratches.

Titan’s attitude toward the idea of going on a cruise has not changed as a result of the little mishap, though. “He still plans to go on golf cart rides, so you’ll still catch him being in the golf cart because that’s one of his nice parts to do,” Kmet said. “You’ll still be able to catch him being in the golf cart because that’s one of his favorite things to do.”

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the next time he gets in the car, he lets his parents take the wheel.

Watch the video here:

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