In 2015, a dog called Riddick was thrown out of a moving car, which prompted the Rock NYC rescue canines to intervene and provide assistance. He was given some time to heal, and then he was placed up for adoption. Not too much time passed until Bryan Junior and his wife saw a photo of him on Facebook, and they immediately fell in love with him. In August of the same year, they decided to adopt Riddick, who quickly established himself as an essential member of the family.

After having Riddick for a little over a year, Riddick’s mom and dad welcomed another human son into their family. And almost as soon as Dawson arrived at his house, both Riddick and Cambria, the pit bull that belonged to the other family, were enamored with him.

In an interview with The Dodo, Junior said, “We would definitely name them the paw patrol.” When the infant started crying, the two of them would immediately rush inside to check on him. When he got up from his naps, we would announce that “Baby Dawson is awake,” and the other children would immediately come running in. They are with us as we tell him a bedtime story each and every night to this very day, with Cambria often sitting on my lap and Riddick sitting on the floor. Dawson then gives each of them a goodnight kiss before we put him to bed.

The feeling is mutual because Dawson is just as obsessed with his canine siblings as they are with him, and the little boy enjoys climbing on them, snuggling with them, and feeding them whenever he gets the chance. The feeling is mutual because the dogs are just as obsessed with Dawson as Dawson is with his canine siblings.

Dawson became sick with the flu at an earlier point this year. It was the very first time he had experienced true illness. The poor guy was uncomfortable while he ran his fever, so it made perfect sense that he wished absolutely nothing with anyone other than Riddick. However, he did want to be with Riddick.

Junior shared his observation that the guy had climbed up onto the ottoman with Riddick and was only holding him. “It was clear that Riddick had noticed that he wasn’t in the best of health and had laid down with him. After fidgeting with his position for a little while, he eventually fell asleep and remained unconscious for well over an hour. Riddick never ever moved.”

When Dawson was feeling under the weather, Riddick was the one person he wanted to console him. And it should come as no surprise that the dog was delighted to be of assistance. Riddick is always there for Dawson, no matter what he needs, and Dawson’s parents are pleased to see how helpful and guardian-like Riddick is with their kid.

Junior said that Riddick was the most even-keeled and laid-back dog that one could ever ask for. “He is just unassuming, loving, and accepting of whatever there is. Everybody loves Riddick. He is the perfect example of the kind of dog you’ve always wanted.

When Dawson had finally recovered from his illness a few days later, he went back to his normal behavior, which included playing with his two most beloved dogs and running about. And Riddick will, without a shadow of a doubt, be there by his side through thick and thin, keeping watch over him in a way that only a dog is capable of doing.

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