People who do not recognize the unselfish companionship that animals provide sadly have a high propensity to throw their pets out into the street.

We may count ourselves fortunate that there are individuals like Sasha Pesic, who has devoted a significant portion of her life to assisting stray dogs and providing them with all the care they deserve.

This guy, who is regarded as one of the most prominent animal rights activists in Serbia, established his own shelter in 2008, and it now provides housing for 750 canines.

The next year, when Pesic was driving home, he came across four stray pups and that was the beginning of his quest.

He couldn’t help but feel compelled to save them, and despite the fact that his financial resources were limited, he immediately started formulating a strategy to assist them.

Sasha was able to create his shelter and give a home and food to all of the animals with the assistance of six volunteers, and he has been able to keep it operating due to contributions from all around the globe. Sasha’s goal is to one day open a sanctuary for stray and abandoned animals.

He is familiar with the names of each and every animal he takes care of, and he vaccinates, sterilizes, and inserts an identification microchip into them all.

Sasha has helped save the lives of around 1,200 dogs, of whom more than 400 have been adopted by loving families all over the globe. He is without a doubt an outstanding example of behavior that everyone should strive to emulate.

Sasha even ran into trouble with the people who owned the property where the sanctuary was situated, and they requested him to vacate the premises.

As soon as it was brought to everyone’s attention, hundreds of people signed a petition, which ultimately resulted in the government giving in, although temporarily.

Sasha is appreciative of the help that has been provided by everyone, but she believes the issue of there being so many abandoned dogs stems from a system that does not seek answers but rather creates more harm.

“Another problem is the irresponsibility of the owners in not spaying or neutering their dogs and throwing them outdoors when they are no longer needed,” added Sasha. “This is a major contributor to the overpopulation problem.”

It’s either “I can’t take care of the dog since I just had a kid” or “I don’t need it anymore.”

Unfortunately, he does not get any assistance from the government, and many veterinarians charge him hefty charges since they believe he has an excessive amount of money from donations; nonetheless, this does not deter him in the least!

You have the opportunity to lend a hand to Sasha with the maintenance expenses of the shelter by becoming a patron on Patreon via this page.

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