Chonky kittens are popular among fans because they are cute tiny balls of fluff that we can’t resist the need to embrace.

Northern Finland is home to these four adorable kitties, all of which compete with one another for the title of the prettiest ball of floor ever.

Here are 15 of our favorite photos that are sure to put a smile on your face and brighten up your day, featuring these adorable fluffballs.

Sampy, Hiskias Haapponen, Elmeri, and Nelli are the names of these fluffy cats, and Riikka Hedman is the person who cares for them.

Although he has the appearance of a Norwegian Forest cat, Sampy is really a six-year-old house cat that does not belong to any particular breed. Riikka revealed to Bored Panda that Elmeri, the gray cat, is 11 years old and that he is also a household cat.

“Hiski, the oldest of the tabbies and the largest one without white paws, is a half-Norwegian Forest cat and is two years old. Every one of them is a neutered male cat. On my website, you’ll also find images of a gray-and-white cat named Nelli. Sadly, Nelli died away early this year.

“He (Sampy) is very thrilled whenever he comes along with me on a little excursion to the ancient woodland that is close to our home. There is a tiny river there, in addition to a lot of other wonderful sites, and there are interesting fragrances.”

“Elmeri and Hiski like to remain in the yard, at home, but every once in a while we take them out for a stroll. Especially during the colder months, I like to construct hurdles for my cats in the backyard for them to leap over. When there is a lot of snow, it is simpler to set boundaries for the jumping area.

Riikka took first place in a photography contest held in Finland in 2014. When asked about her achievement, she said, “I was practicing shooting with my new camera and got a wonderful jump picture of Sampy.” I forwarded the image to a local newspaper, and it quickly gained a lot of attention; as a result, the publication decided to commission a writer to write a story about the cat.

“After the post was published, I received a lot of comments and messages expressing hope that the cat would have his own Facebook profile. Following the success of Sampy’s page on Facebook, I decided to build an account for him on Instagram.

“In my opinion, in order to create a beautiful image of a cat, the cat has to act in a natural way and engage in typical cat behavior.”

She has even written two novels on Sampy and published them!

The task of selecting illustrations for a book is not a simple one; nevertheless, the publishing business has experts on staff to help with the process. I contributed some writing as well, although the majority of the books are illustrated.”

“In the descriptions, I utilize the local accent, which has also been acclaimed a great deal,” she said. I do not currently have any concrete plans for the future, but any suggestions would be very appreciated.

If someone wants to turn Sampy into a character in an animated movie, a wallpaper, or a key chain, they are free to do so, but the cat should not be required to go outside of his own house. Sampy detests being on the road.

Instagram and Facebook are great places to go if you want to see more of Riikka’s work or keep up with what Sampy and his siblings are doing in their lives.

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