When he got closer to her, he saw that her rear legs were swelled and bent, and he also noticed that her front legs were in the same condition as her back legs.

A true Good Samaritan discovered this cute Beagle/Hound mix at a construction site, which is infamous for being a location where people dump their dogs. When this dog was found, she was unable to stand up, and it seemed that he had been shivering and laying on the ground for a number of days prior to being found.

Almost immediately, he placed a distress call, and volunteers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis rushed to the scene to guard the little animal. Up until their arrival, the visitor had been helping the dog with what he had on him, including providing the canine with cover using his own jacket. It was immediately obvious that both of her legs were shattered; hence, she was placed into the vehicle at that time. She did not utter a single sound. They didn’t waste any time and drove straight to the animal hospital, where they discovered that the little dog had many fractures in both of her legs.

Unluckily, the damage was substantial, and in order to proceed with the repair process, it was necessary to gather the pieces first. It has been quite some time since the dog’s name, Polar Express, has been restored.

By Anna

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