The majority of the time, cats meow for one reason: to communicate with their human owners. If your cat is meowing at you, it is because it wants something from you, and the likelihood is high that it is begging for food. In the event that you inadvertently release the cat outdoors, it will meow at you to gain your attention and ask to be brought back inside.

The cat in this article, like other cats, wants to get back inside after spending time outdoors, but rather than meowing as other cats do, he has a different strategy to get people to allow him in. Yodeling is one of those abilities that the majority of people recognize as having some level of value. However, this cat believes that doing so is the most effective method to win the attention of his owner.

His master claims that whenever he wants to come inside, he starts to yell out his own “Yodel-ay-ee-oo,” which can be heard from a distance. The owner tried to convince others of the remarkable ability that her cat had, but alas, no one believed her. Because of this, she made the conscious decision to record his actions on film and then distribute them to other people.

The video captures two separate instances of the cat pleading and meowing at the back door, demanding that she be allowed to come inside. He hisses at the owner if she continues to refuse to allow him inside.

She admonishes him, saying, “Don’t hiss at me.”

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