Sheekilah Jones was waiting for her bus to work when a strange sound began to echo through the peaceful, early morning streets — the source of which was not immediately apparent.

Jones revealed his discovery to The Dodo, saying, “I heard knocking.” “On the other hand, there was no one in the area.”

As Jones looked about, her attention was pulled to the following as she surveyed the area:

Jones saw a black cat sitting on a railing on a nearby balcony, close to the entrance of the building. And it didn’t take long at all before the reason became clear.

While Jones watched, the cat reached up and pawed at the doorknob, acting in the same  manner as a human would to indicate that he would want to be admitted inside.

Jones said, “I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.” 

She made a recording of the unusual occurrence in case anybody else was doubtful about it:

It was obvious that the cat had uncovered a more effective means of attracting the attention of his owner than, for example, making a soft pitter-pattering sound with his paws on the door. Unfortunately, Jones had to depart before the cat’s desire could be fulfilled before Jones could go.

By Elen

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