Excursions to new places are often quite exciting for a dog since they provide new experiences. It may imply anything as innocuous as a stroll, something as repulsive as a visit to the veterinarian, or even something as exciting as an excursion to the dog park. However, the journey home for one dog resulted in her being abandoned by her owners and her being taken to the local animal shelter.

The poor dog cowered in the corner, unwilling to look around as its shattered heart prevented it from moving. However, because of the selflessness of a worker at the rescue organization, she was able to sign a lease on a new life.

The first time that Tammy Graves, the owner of The Haley Graves Foundation, met June Cash, she immediately realized that the dog needed assistance. Graves found that the sight of the dog lying in the corner was too much for her, so she made the necessary preparations to have the dog placed in a foster home.

It was finally time for June to leave the shelter and embark on the road that would eventually lead her to a brand-new existence in a home that would be hers forever. However, before she could continue, she had to go to the veterinarian.

Graves said with The Dodo: “She was terrified going and is just finding to trust others.” “Every day, she makes a little more progress.”

Following the veterinarian’s examination, it was determined that June was infected with heartworms; hence, she began treatment to treat this condition. She also had evidence of having been abused in the past.

It was best for her that she was abandoned at the shelter by her previous owner, despite the fact that it broke her heart.

During this time, she was gaining the ability to trust the individuals who worked at her foster home as she came to the realization that everyone who was engaged in her recovery was only trying to assist her. After some time had passed, she finally worked up the courage to talk to her foster father.

Meantime, she was learning to trust the folks in her foster home as she realized that everyone who was engaged in her recovery was only trying to assist her in getting well. After some time had passed, she finally worked up the courage to talk to her foster father.

June’s picture becomes viral.

Soon after, Graves started receiving adoption proposals for June, and before too long, she had over 500 individuals interested in adopting her. June was born in June.

But before that could happen, June had to get herself ready to reside once again in a house.

Graves contacted obedience trainer James Voyatzis for assistance with this matter, and the latter had his hands full with the task. June’s face was marred not just by emotional but also by physical scars, which, taken together, are a strong indicator of past abuse.

Graves speculated that the wound was caused by the victim being struck with sticks. “It’s obvious that she’s given birth several times, and she’s spent a significant portion of her life attached to a tree. Because she was so reserved, we thought it would be important to find a home that was willing to accept the possibility that it may be a while before she became comfortable there.

The next month will be June.

At long last, the day had come for June to pay a visit to her new home, and she couldn’t wait. On the evening before Christmas, Amber Barlow and her family officially adopted her into their family. At this point, June would almost probably be given the opportunity to live the life that she never had.

According to statements made by Barlow to Information & Record, “The very first time I saw her photo, I knew she was mine.” “There was nothing that could prevent me from being with her. This was my son or daughter.”

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